Continuing my Andalusian trip – Granada and Alhambra


View over Malaga from the mountains, Bye for now!

As you can imagine, my trip to Spain was filled with impressions and experiences, some I really haven’t processed until now because of my damn cough! I am still coughing and its been four weeks but thankfully I’m slowly healing. I’m back to work and will be traveling on Tuesday for the first time.

So because I’m having a hard time finding the energy to blog through work-weeks I will finally give you yet another installment of my Andalusian trip:).

This day 2 was one I had been looking forward too a great deal: Alhambra and Granada.

We travelled through Spain in a brand new bus with room for 50 passengers. We were 19  – 9 couples and me. I’m used to travel alone, and because I’m single I also know how couples behave. They gather. I have to say though, that after a few days I ended up being friendly with two couples, and I used sly tactics and spent time with each of them, so they wouldn’t find me clingy. And of course I love my alone time, so at times I just kept to myself. It was an eye-opener though. I realized I’m a bit more sociable than I give myself credit for! And it was nice to chat about the different experiences through the trip.


An eco-friendly merry-go-round! One of those times when a mobile-phone seems really handy:)

The bus-ride from Malaga to Granada was quite long, we started very early (too early for my liking) and made a short stop for coffee on the way. After several hours on the bus we enjoyed lunch in central Granada, after visiting the Cathedral. I can’t say I got a proper impression of the city, it might be worth a second visit, but the afternoon was spent at the Alhambra.

I have been looking forward to see this place for years. A place surrounded by history and magic, and maybe that is why I was just a tiny bit disappointed. I was just not prepared for the fact that this place has been in dis-repair for years, and so much of the original interiors, walls and art is gone. Don’t get me wrong, it was still a magical place, but not as magical as I had imagined.



It is also a very crowded place. In parts of Alhambra you are swept through in a crowd and there is no time for contemplation or just to stop and admire.


But look at that roof! Was it worth the queues and the crowds? You bet!



img_1632Some of the beautiful mosaics were ruined during the Napoleonic wars I was told, and so the lower part of the walls were modern tiles. French soldiers pulled the mosaics off and took them home, I guess they may now be part of a pretty French farm-house somewhere. The gates were still intimidating and magnificent.

After hours at Alhambra we went back to the hotel for dinner. It was typical of the dinners we had through the week, uninteresting but filling. Because of the early mornings I had a late meal and went to bed every night. No party at all! But funnily enough I found this comforting and I’m realizing I’m becoming old and boring!:)

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  1. It is a fascinating place to visit – I kind of like the crumblyness of it, the slight decay (the crowds I liked less – especially the loud kids “doing” the Alhambra). I have yet to see much of Grenada as the husband wouldn’t let me explore, however we did get to see a lovely cactus garden and a mountain botanical reserve so I forgave him 🙂 Get rid of that cough!

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