My Andalusian adventure, a bad start and an even worse ending…


So I went to Andalusia in Spain for an 8-day bus tour to tick off a few places on my bucket-list! It was a trip with highs and lows, but mostly very good memories. But it didn’t start or end very well, I have to say…

You may wonder why I haven’t written about my explorations for weeks? Well, it turned out I came back from Spain coughing my lungs out and I just have been to sick to do basically anything! After a week at home I decided to go to the doctor (I didn’t manage to get an appointment when I got home, everyone thought it was a virus), and turns out I needed penicillin and another week of sick-leave. I still cough, but its on the mend, I think, so I have now been away from work for 3 weeks including my trip, so I have had a lot of time to think and considering life in between coughing my lungs out:)

But lets start from the beginning.

I booked  a hotel room at the airport for the night before the trip, because the flight to Malaga was very very early, which is always the case when you take one of those tours. I guess it is a combination of getting cheap tickets, and giving the traveller a feeling of an extra day because you arrive rather early at your destination. It is also a good reason to book your own trip as you can get decent travel schedule, because honestly – you are too tired to enjoy those extra hours on your first day anyway!

Anyways, I came to the hotel all stressed out from job and rushing home to get my luggage before going to airport on the Friday night. I didn’t even manage dinner, so I decided to get up at 4 and have a nice shower, check in early and then go back for the breakfast at the hotel before passing security. The flight was leaving at 7. Last check-in at 6.

Did I wake at 4? Nope. The stressed genius that I am I had set the alarm on my Iphone but forgot to change from Mon-Fri to Everyday, so this Saturday morning my alarm didn’t go off! I was lucky though to wake up at 05:18, rush out of bed and have a shower, no makeup and run to check-in…Nice start, right? I didn’t bother to go back for breakfast, I had a re-vigorating smoothie at Joe’s Juice and calmed down in time for the flight:).

I also ended up wearing my black t-shirt, black jeans and a grey cardigan for the whole day (and NO makeup) as it turned out the first day in Spain started with a bang. Much in the spirit of the trip, actually!


The moment we all had settled in the bus and been taken to the hotel for a toilet-break (no rooms ready at 11) we were whisked away for a Saturday lunch at a Malaga hot spot and after that the Picassso Museum (box ticked. but no photos allowed). I had plans to have a look at the local castle, but realized I was just too tired, so I walked slowly through Malaga centre back to the hotel, got my room and didn’t leave it until the next morning.

The Cathedral was pretty, but I never walked in. Just didn’t have the energy. Would be worth a visit according to guide-book!

I will be honest with you, I really prefer a slower pace of traveling but looking back a bus tour was a perfect way to get an over-view of this part of Spain and I already plan to go back and check some places out again.


I would say Malaga is very touristy and maybe not my favorite place during this trip, but as a starting-point to see Andalucia it works very well. It is a city and as such has city-vibes, but also a few good museums, some lovely places to visit like the Cathedral and the castle, and of course shops and restaurants a plenty. We ended up having a few hours in Malaga on our last day, before going to the airport, and I realized then that Malaga may very well be worth a longer visit in the future.

Every town or city in this part of the world has Roman remains. These would also be worth an extra visit in Malaga.

The hotel was a 3-star close to the beach, and I dreaded being the only single traveller as I know from experience you often get the worst rooms even though you have paid a lot extra for single accommodation. But even though the room was medium standard, I did get a double-room to use on my own. I even had 3 beds! Enough for a proper orgy had I been so inclined. But having been on my feet from 5 o’clock in the morning I didn’t even try to turn the telly on. I just fell asleep, as I knew the next day would be an early riser again…

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  1. Im glad you are back – but just get rid of your cough and properly better please 🙂 I have been briefly to Malaga – didnt see much of it as I was marched around by my husband (geomorphologist so he doesnt care about cities much), I would love to go back and see things (including the Cathedral), it does look a lovely city 🙂

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