February and counting down

This is my cat Molly, she is kind of expressing what I feel like doing this time oft the year – go into hiding!

I´ve had a terrible month at work and it doesn’t look like it is going to get any easier. I changed jobs almost one year ago and I said at the time that the first year would rush by and after that you can always survive another one if its bad. I guess that still rings true. And next year I will retire, that is for sure!!

I have had trouble sleeping as well, and been really tired. So I want to the doctor and my tests came out just fine. Pretty excellent actually. So now I have no reason not to exercise. Except I don’t seem to be able to get my fat arse to the gym!

Maybe it will get easier if I write here that I will start a healthier lifestyle? If I loose a few pound it will be great, but if I just feel a bit stronger and more energetic I will be satisfied with that. I’m bribing myself (isn’t that just pathetic?) with the promise of some new clothes in August. Until then I´ll be a good girl and stay away from the stores.

But I cannot stay away from buying fresh flowers this time of the year. It is the hope that it will be Spring some time again I guess.

To get my sorry self through February I have also take a short writing course. The writing classes was inspiring, the teacher was great and I managed to go to classes even though they were on Mondays, which is the worst day of the week for me. Usually I just come home and collapse on the couch on Monday evenings…

Tomorrow I start French again. I think I have forgotten almost all the things I learned last term…so I better get back to rehearsing:). I will certainly try and update more, soon it is Spring and hopefully life will begin again, keep your fingers crossed!

One thought on “February and counting down

  1. The flowers are lovely – and quite necessary this time of year. I am trying to motivate myself to lose some weight. I am going back to weight watchers after we had a short break to Berlin, which was a great kick-start as we walked (and walked, and WALKED…). Still I have quite a bit to lose – we can do this together.

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