The stuff that dreams are made of?

The 5th season of Grace and Frankie has come to my Netflix account and I’ve looked forward to it all week. Monday night I saw the third documentary about the Swedish blogger Dagny Carlsson (I have mentioned her before) and surprise, surprise she has had another birthday. Well, when you turn 106 I guess it is a bit of a surprise! But she still has energy, and her mind is working just fine, and even if she is old and fragile she is always ready to try new things, so she is setting a great example for the rest of us.

However she has dreamt her whole life about going to China and see the Wall. This time she had a crazy Finnish friend who was going to help her fulfill that dream, She even got her first passport. But sadly her doctor put a stop to the plans. Which just proves to me you shall never postpone your dreams…

I´m 60, soon 61, and I still have dreams. I want to write a book, I want to meet orangutangs in Sepilok and I want to travel the world. Maybe not all the world (I’m not keen on Antarctis, I did go to Greenland and I’ve had my share of ice and snow to last me a lifetime) but a good chunk of it and I always dreamed I would live abroad for a year. Now as I am slowly coming to a point in my life where I could do some of those things the world is rapidly changing around me. So I should just hold my nose, close my eyes and jump!?

Well, its harder than I imagined. When opportunity comes along its hard not to think twice and take a step back instead of just jumping in. I still regret turning down that industrial loft apartment I was offered, just because it would mean leaving Stockholm. And commuting for 8 months. And recently I turned down another offer to swap apartments with a neighbor who wants to up-size, while I want to do the reverse. For some reason the mere thought of packing and finding space for my books got me…

But I will move. I never really loved this place, even if I have warmed up to it recently. Guess it reminds me of too much shit. And its too expensive for a retirement budget…

While I ponder what to do I decided to go crazy and buy a wall-hanging. I just fell in love:) and every time I lounge on my sofa I look at it and daydream…


I also bought myself a fur-coat. It took some tim to find the right one, because a woman my size will easily look like a pomeranian dog or a bear in a fur-coat. But the minute I saw this I knew. Actually I went home and thought about it and went back to the shop the next day.That is my new strategy for not over-spending. I must say it works. Most times:)


Yes, it is crazy. But that is what I love about it. And I am slowly, slowly getting my mojo back in this coat. I haven’t worn anything the last few years that have attracted so many nice comments from strangers. The people who hates it have had the decency to shut up, so far. I have to say it is also giving me a bit of confidence to use more color in my wardrobe. With grey hair you do need the contrast!


3 thoughts on “The stuff that dreams are made of?

  1. Wow – I am completely smitten with your new coat, it looks gorgeous on you, I LOVE it! I’m 54 by the way and totally agree – I want to DO things, in fact the older I get the more I want to DO things rather than just exist, my “bucket list” gets longer and longer. We should definitely aim to meet up somewhere – somewhere interesting and explore, I’m hoping 2019 is good to us both 🙂

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