Some thoughts after Christmas


There is something called Christmas Spirit. They talk about it in those Hallmark Christmas movies that I binge on the weeks before the holidays. But I’m not sure what it means really.

Is it the urge to run to the shops to buy a lot of gifts to prove you love someone? Or is it a religious thing? Or just the crazy time until you can actually relax? Or the relaxation? Or spreading lights like that balcony I saw from my bus stop the other night.  I guess it means different things to different people.

I´m not crazy about Christmas. In my childhood Christmases were tainted with my mothers tantrums and stress-filled arguments, and when I was 25 I just decided I had had enough of it. After that I have celebrated Christmas on my own terms, but very rarely alone. This year it is just with son, but we had a lovely holiday. I hope you had too!

I´m not big on decorating for Christmas, but a tree is a must! A natural one that is. And lights! I live in a country that is embraced by darkness six months of the year, so the lighted trees and balconies gives a bit of solace. Thankfully it will slowly, slowly get better after the 21st of December.


There are Xmas trees and then there are Christmas trees! This one is down by the water in Old Town and I pass it on my way to work. I’m not sure I’m keen on the bright lights, but the shape of this tree is to die for. However I saw when they assembled it, its like an Extreme Makeover X-mas tree! Put together branch by branch. This time in my life I prefer the simple and natural:)

Celebrating on my own terms include a very non-traditional dinner on the 24th with turkey and sticky toffee pudding. In Sweden we usually eat smörgåsbord at Christmas, but son and I decided a few years back to go turkey. He has traditional food at his father’s house on Christmas Day, and I usually have a julbord with work. This year, at my new job, it was all-in-seafood, but I don’t mind. I am always willing to stuff myself with lobster!!!


I loved this display of lights in Lund, south of Sweden, where I had to go for work before the holidays. It was like a fountain of lights, moving like water. 

Weeks prior to the holidays have been really hectic with some traveling and hard negotiations (thats my line of work). But I have felt more serene and content nevertheless. Somehow I think I have made some decisions that I am comfortable with and I look forward to 2019. The world is crazy in so many ways right now, but I feel more grounded than I have in a long time.

Simplicity, mindfulness and focus will be my keywords for 2019. I am still down-sizing my wardrobe, and even if I buy new things I get rid of the old ones. I prefer to pass things on instead of throwing away, and will also donate some. That goes for anything in my home as well. Do I really need three sets of plates?

I will continue to look for a smaller place to live in, but I will not rush. I will eat healthier – vegetarian and asian food is my inspiration at the moment, and take up my exercise regime again. And I will stream-line my budget in 2019, as I prepare for a lower income in 2020.

But I will travel. I didn’t go anywhere in 2018, but I already have two trips planned in 2019. Its not climate-friendly and I am a bit hesitant, but I hope I’m making up for it in other ways in my life – no car, no waste, less consumerism. I have to be honest though – some personal choices will always clash with what’s best for the world. And I’m not ready to give up traveling. I want to see the world while its still possible. I guess I’m not a saint, but I did get a pretty calendar and a pair of slippers from Santa, so I cannot be all bad either!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Mulling things over


Christmas is coming. The trees will soon be up and glittering in the small alley I walk to work every day.

I have taken a break from blogging to mull things over. Not blogging so much as life itself, but I have noticed that a few of my fave bloggers has left and are now just doing Instagram or youtube. Will I do the same? Nope. To me words will surpass photos any days, at least the kind of photos that seem to invade Instagram. I just think you would get bored watching my face over and over and over…

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