My messy wardrobe


Dress Boden (a few years back) and handbag from Guess (bought really really cheap at the airport in Lisboa!)

Actually that is just clickbait, my wardrobe is in perfect order! Too many things, too many wardrobes (5!) but in perfect order:). I am slowly, slowly selling off things I will never use again, but my separation angst is sometimes overwhelming!

And somehow my wardrobe constantly grows, as I find something new I cannot “live without” or would be perfect complement to my other stuff. BUT I am keeping to my color-scheme of blue-white-red-black and find that extremely practical. I also pick out 35 pieces every month that is the base of my wardrobe. Sometimes I use something outside of those 35, sometimes just to check if it is ready to get sold or not, but I am slowly, slowly curating my wardrobe.


Off to an informer meeting in a jacket from H&M and a dress from Jumperfabriken. The bag is from Diane von Furstenberg.

Recently I have been steering toward simpler cuts and more “mature” designs when I’m out trying things on. I want my new things to be comfy, good quality and classic. My style is gravitating more towards the simple, clean lines these days. Its interesting, because I have always loved the feminine styles before, but these days I prefer simple elegance. Which is sort of colliding with my body-type  – short, curvy and slightly over-weight! The Danish brand By Malene has come to be a favorite and you might see some of their stuff here (but they ARE expensive, hooray for sales!). I have also got my eyes on some new brands, and plan to write about that in the near future.


Jeans and a top from Sezane (new buy online) and bag from Longchamp.

Black is a base in my wardrobe, but more and more I realize I do not have the coloring for it anymore. As my hair gets grey black is too harsh. Dark navy, all kinds of blues and some strong pinks and red will be my priority for new buys. And soft grey may very well be included in my color-scheme. Black skirts and trousers will never be excluded however!


My vintage trenchcoat and trousers from Brax. T-shirt from Arket and bag from Furla. I realize all my bags were bought in sales!

I just finished my first full week at work after the holidays and the weather is cooler. Its time to think about work-appropriate clothes and warmer things. On my “to-buy” list is a few knitted tops and a winter jacket. I would love a fake fur coat, but I’m not sure I can defend it to myself, it isn’t very practical after all…


Jeans and a top from Jumperfabriken.

The photos show some of the outfits I wore this first week at work and end of summer. I just realized you can also see some of my handbags! I don’t really have that many, but obviously I changed them a lot this week… They were all bought in different sales and the fact that they are quality bags means I have had some for years. Buying quality stuff in classic styles in the sales is the one shopping advice I can totally relate to!