This is what I feel like! This heatwave that never seems to stop (we have had 80 days of excruciatingly warm weather! So NOT like Sweden) is crushing me just like the baby dinosaur we revisited at the Natural Science Museum. Son is a big fan of this museum, and once when he was a little boy we even had a friends-membership because we went there all the time…the baby dinosaur actually snooze and moves, which was fascinating when he was 5, these days he passes by uninterested and his mom stops and sighs.

My holiday-plans are crushed too, I had plans for all sorts of staycation-stuff, but in this heat I only manage to go down city-centre in a bus with AC for an hour, walk through the shops with AC and then return home, sweaty and tired.  I can’t even be bothered to try on clothes because I feel to warm, and anyway I can’t wear any makeup so I look like a walking zombie in the dressing-room mirrors.

So what have I been up to? Well, not much! Because son is moving back to Stockholm we had to clean out his dorm-room (in the heatwave! Jeez, I’m a good mom!) which took five hours, but was a good lesson in cleaning for the son (Ha!) and then we stayed overnight in my fave-hotel in Linköping and had a really nice dinner before returning the keys to the dorm room the next day.


I took loads of pics of the cleaned room in case there are any complaints! Its been a good, and cheap, place for ston during his years in Linköping.

We were even allowed to check out late so we could spend a few extra hours in the AC-cold hotel room!


We had a yummy dinner in this restaurant overlooking Stora Torget (main square) in Linköping. 

During the three years son has been at Linköping University I have tried out several hotels in this city. Not all, but several. Last year I learned the hard way that AC is a must, the beautiful Scandic Hotel has a great restaurant but with a glass facade the rooms turn into saunas when the heat is on! The old-fashioned Elite Hotel however is equipped with AC and have a really good restaurant looking out over the main square. I recommend it if you happen to pass by! (not sponsored!)

Back in Stockholm we have been “enjoying” record-breaking temperatures of 34 degrees and because we are not used to this, we are not equipped either. Balcony-doors are being left open during the night, windows too, and still you cannot breathe!


Molly the Cat is just as tired as me, poor thing.

It does make a few things clear to me though. I have been planning to move to a smaller apartment in a few years, and a balcony is a must! Usually small apartments don’t have windows in two directions, but if it does – thats a plus!

Getting dressed is simple. I just grab something comfy fro that drawer in my wardrobe with stuff that is too comfy to throw away and too ugly to be seen in public in. But who cares? In this heat no-one can be bothered…


I made one effort to dress nicely (look at may tortured face!) in this lovely Emmy-dress…




2 thoughts on “Crushed?

  1. That dress is so pretty – I like it a lot. We are having a heat wave here in Scotland, it is a different sort of heat from what I grew up with in New Zealand so I find the Scottish heat difficult to adjust too – to sticky, too muggy (humid) and too…. Christchurch (my home town) was always a dry heat – easier to cope with and the houses did not keep so hot at night. However, this weekend we had lots of glorious rain and a very windy Saturday night – I opened the back door and just stood them enjoying the rain and the wind outside whilst I drank a cup of tea. it was bliss.

    • Thanks Juliet! Its a super comfy dress as well in the heat. I seem to returning to the vintage inspired dresses in my wardrobe in the summer, a good reason to curate my extensive collection with care I guess:) I hate this heat and I hope its a temporary freak of nature, even though I’m scared it is not. I guess climate change has finally caught up with us…So far we still haven’t had any longer rain-showers, just a few quick tropical showers that is creating floods instead of the fires we have been experiencing recently. I envy you that moment with the wind and the rain, it sounds just wonderful!!

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