My first four days of my holiday is over, and I have only 32 more to go (yes, I KNOW! That is what a good union can do for you:)). So what have I been up to? Well…

Son and I are trying to loose a few kilos, so we have been taking long walks, going to the gym and eating healthy.

I´m not an expert on healthy eating, but I hate dieting and starving and I am a firm believer that if you exercise you need to eat. So we are experimenting and trying new recipes.

As we usually start the day with a coffee and water to wake up (and a small sandwich if we are going to the gym) we usually have our brunch after the walk/gym-session. A yoghurt smoothie with frozen berries and banana is really satisfying! Almost like a milkshake but a lot healthier…


This morning I made an avocado-toast. Not exactly like Gordons, but well enough:) And I added a bit of homemade guacamole (leftover) and a sad tomato. It was delicious, so tomorrow I will take the same slice of sour dough bread (well, not the SAME but another!) and make scrambled eggs and gravlax (salmon)…

Gordon Ramsay recipe

On Thursday we were walking around like zombies waiting for the results from the University. Son has decided to change career-paths and become an archeologist instead of a tech-guy. A wise decision says I, because I have seen him suffering with coming to terms with being an artsy person. Maybe not a smart move from an economic point of view, but in the end you have to work for 50 years, so it should preferably be something that doesn’t make you deeply unhappy. I know a lot of people (myself included) have worked with things they hate, but it is nothing you want for your children. Now I’m hoping he has found his place, if not he will have to keep searching. I can relate, because I truly fumbled when I was young and to be honest it is never a waste of time, not education nor boring jobs, the knowledge you get will always come in handy. And if nothing else it will make you slightly smarter.

We celebrated the birth of a new Indiana Jones by spending some money (he will be a very dapper Indiana Jones) and a cup of ice-cream at our local Stikky Nikki (homemade organic ice-cream to die for!).

We have a heatwave at the moment, very very un-Swedish, and it is almost painful at the moment. I hate heat and so I would prefer to stay indoors and just read! But it is a bit sad to spend your holiday inside so we have tried to make a few excursions. Our favorite museum Naturhistoriska got a quick visit, but the heat made it unbearable so we returned to our humble abode by air-conditioned bus as soon as we could!