Oops, I did it again!

This week could have been the start of something new, but I didn’t have the guts to hold my breath and jump. So instead I did it the way I usually do – I overanalyzed the situation, researched it and ended up the same as before.

Apart from one thing – my hair…

I have an old idea that keep popping up in my head ever so often – I want to move out of Stockholm and live in a smaller town in my old age. For this purpose I have put my name on numerous lists waiting for someone nice to call and offer me a great apartment for rent.

This week it happened! I was offered not one but two different apartments in a project that can only be described as my dream living.

But. And thats a big but (and not mine, either!!hehe) – the project is in Norrköping, a nice town situated 1 1/2 hours commute from Stockholm. So after a lot of soul-searching I decided to say no thanks. If I am honest to myself I am not ready to commute 3 hours a day even for the perfect flat. But it still hurts!

But as I am on a path to a new, approved me and processing getting older, I have for some time been thinking about stopping dying my hair black. Going brown is not an option as I am very pale, and brown gives me a gloomy, yellowish tint (trust me, I have tried!) and blonde just isn’t me. I have reluctantly started to look at grey-haired beauties on the internet and after a long thought-process I was ready to take the plunge. The easiest way to do this would, according to my trusted hairdresser, to be a drastic haircut. So that is what I did.


It isn’t grey yet, but it will be after a couple of trimmings, and the grey is coming through slowly. It´s been a hard thing getting used to the short hair, but now I love it. It does need a bit more makeup though.


This pic is a selfie a few days after the cut. I need to invest in some fancy jewelry and go full French chic in style…


My take on French chic (in French colors) with jeans, a shirt from Edblad and a bag from Furla that I bought dirt cheap from a discount store in New York in 2015. The red/white/blue bag is carrying my lunch and a freebie from a glossy magazine years ago…

Before I got my cut I also tried on an old dress that is incorporated in my wardrobe at the moment as I kind of fell in love with it again. If it will make the cut after my cut is another question:)


To be totally honest I think my short hair actually made me look younger, even if more grey. What do you think?


6 thoughts on “Oops, I did it again!

  1. Wow. It does make you look younger and your eyes become a feature. Well done, it is brave

  2. I love your new hair – that cut is lovely on you. I found when I embraced my white(!) hair that I needed more makeup – but more makeup meant also better skin care and more attention to my skin, I don’t think I can attach a photo so you’d have to scroll back through my blog for ages to see white hair on me (february I think). What suits us as brown haired or darker – doesn’t suit us when we go grey or white, so it is a wonderful opportunity to reinvent ourselves.
    As for living 1 and 1/2 hours from a city – I live 1 and 1/4 hours from my office in a small village, people say how lovely – but I hate it. The husband wont move (he is often away). In summer it is a pretty bus trip home but it is still 2 and 1/2 hours of a day… in winter, Scotland is dark and you see nothing, the bus is cold and smelly and damp and you are cut off from civilisation, it is awful. I think you made the “right” choice in that whatever decision you made, it will work out right – you could have decided to move, but you didn’t – think of those choices as nearly right, the right thing will happen now you have ruled them out.

    • Thanks Juliet, and I agree with you. When I was young and experimental I did platinum blonde for a short while (inspired by Annie Lennox!) and I did need more makeup and slightly different colors. Right now the grey just shines through at times, but as it takes over I will definitely change my makeup. But I kind of look forward to it! As for commuting I think you are right – I still think it was my dream apartment (4 m from floor to roof! Exposed brick walls! Huge windows!) and that I will never get that chance again…But I comfort myself with the thought that I DID have a choice and that as I get older I need my comfort too, and traveling back and forth 3 hrs a day won’t work. The fact that the Swedish National Rail isn’t trustworthy after years of neglect does influence me as well.

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