This is what I feel like! This heatwave that never seems to stop (we have had 80 days of excruciatingly warm weather! So NOT like Sweden) is crushing me just like the baby dinosaur we revisited at the Natural Science Museum. Son is a big fan of this museum, and once when he was a little boy we even had a friends-membership because we went there all the time…the baby dinosaur actually snooze and moves, which was fascinating when he was 5, these days he passes by uninterested and his mom stops and sighs.

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2016-08-16 13.23.00

First day out of 35 happy holi-days!! Let’s see what I can make out of them apart from sleeping and reading, which of course I need to do as well. Last year I travelled a lot, this year will be a stay-cation. But I am determined to actually explore, so I hope to bring you some interesting stories from places in and around Stockholm.

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