A double birthday feast at Fotografiska!


This is me on my way to a double birthday dinner with a good friend. We both celebrated our 60th this year, and his is exactly one month after mine, so we decided to celebrate by having a nice dinner together. After a lot of pondering and discussion we decided on Fotografiska.

Fotografiska is a private gallery/museum of photo art, situated in a lovely spot close to one of the many docks in Stockholm, looking over the water. In recent years its restaurant at the top of the house has become just as attractive as the gallery itself. Run by tv-personality and celebrity-chef Paul Svensson it has a focus on vegetables both in food and drinks that is really interesting.

But first we decided to meet up and go through some of the, always amazing, exhibitions at Fotografiska. I was sad to miss Ellen Neuwirths fashion-photos (that exhibition ended days before we had our dinner), but instead I got to look at Cathleen Naundorfs amazing.photos of haute couture dresses in spectacular settings.


Cathleen Naundorf sometimes uses handpainted decors that reminds me of old classic paintings. I could easily have this on a wall at home!


I´m not the kind of person who enjoys blurry photos out of focus where you can hardly notice the fashion – a technique sometimes popular among fashion photographers – and this photo really spoke to me – look at the detailing and the beautiful lighting!

One thing I enjoy at Fotografiska is the generosity – there are 5-6 exhibitions simultaneously and it can take you the better part of a full day to experience them. But then again it costs 16 euros in entrance fee…most museums in Stockholm are free, so the competition is hard. And Fotografiska is privately owned, so they need to make a profit. What really irritates me though is the fact that they are so “modern”  I wasn’t able to buy my friend a birth present in the shape of a membership, as you had to have a smart phone to download an app to get this. When my friend said he had no smartphone, just a regular mobile phone, the young lady behind the counter looked at us as if we were aliens. Plastic cards (which was advertised on their website) were sold out (for a reason I guess)…

Anyway – you do get a discount on the entrance fee if you have booked a table at the restaurant, so don’t miss that if you ever go to Fotografiska!

We spent 1 1/2 hours going through 3 exhibitions, then we felt we couldn’t handle anymore, and we had a table booked!

The restaurant has amazing views over Stockholm and the decor is very minimalistic Scandinavian.


If you are vegetarian or vegan this is the place to go for your festive dinner dates as the focus of the menu is veggies of all sorts. The drinks are served non-alcoholic as a base, and you add alcohol which means a non-drinker like me is spoilt for choice. My friend had the wine-package with the meal, and I had the juice-package. With so many different juices being served throughout the meal I was surprised I really liked all but one…


Because a feast we had! We went for the All Inclusive, with a little bit of everything on the menu and it was interesting, really good and even perfectly filling for both of us. No big steaks though, so if you like that go somewhere else, just plates of veggies and some seafood and fish served as minimalistic taste bites in very interesting combinations. At first we looked a bit surprised when sharing a small plate of food and wondered if we would want a hamburger on our way home. But with ten plates we still felt pretty full when we left!

If you leave all your prejudice about veggies at home and just throw yourself into the experience and take in the flavors, the restaurant at Fotografiska is great fun. They also have a popular bar and a cafe-part if you only want a coffee and a cake after walking around the exhibitions.

It was a great evening with nice conversation and good food, and as we walked back along the harbor in the beautiful warm May evening to the subway we concluded that it had been a perfect ending to the birthday celebrations!



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    • Thank you! Its a fave-dress of mine from Jumperfabriken. And yes, Fotografiska is really interesting, and although expensive (most museums in Stockholm are free) you do get a lot of exhibitions for the entry-fee…

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