Look, my balcony is summer-pretty!

Remember what my balcony looked like about a month ago?


I had just finished putting up some netting to prevent Molly from sticking her curious nose between the rails…(the net should really be a bit higher, but she is 14 and NEVER jumps).

I´m pretty proud of my renovation project!

I painted the chair and table in a clear blue color, planted an array of flowers and veggies (nothing like picking your own salad and basil!), two pots of grass for Molly, and bought some nicknacks. There is a cushion for my tired feet and a LED-lighting with tiny white flowers and a pink flamingo (that will drive me crazy, because it falls over all the time). It did´t cost me much at all, and will give enormous pleasure all summer! I´m really really pleased! And who would have thought I had a handyman hiding inside?




Yes! I even painted a cheap old pot!



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