A Japanese love story and my May wardrobe


From the most horrible winter everything quickly changed and now it´s summer! Spring, my favorite time of the year, just made a quick visit for a week and then left. So when planning my May wardrobe and the 35 pieces to go into my kinda-capsule-wardrobe I need to consider warm weather, possible changes back to winter, a lot of job-related representation and just chilling in the sun.


This dress from Jumperfabriken I bought as part of my birthday-gift for myself. It goes well with the color-theme of my wardrobe and it brings in some summer with the red.Photo was taken on the go in the elevator, sorry about that:)

I am slowly injecting more color in the wardrobe over all, and as I plan to go grey from now on, I might even skip black all together. Lets see. But navy and blues are so much softer and depending how the grey turns out, black may be too harsh.


I was going to sell this dress from Emily and Fin, but when I had no bids for three days I pulled the ad and decided to keep it to see if it will work this summer. It goes with my color-scheme but the 100 % cotton dress is a bit stiff and part of me says no. Will I look like a walking barn-door? I may let you guys decide!

As for my minimalist-efforts, I am doing a new sell-effort. I have quite a lot of summer clothes (especially dresses) and I will try and sell some of them in May. For some reason it makes me feel better when I know someone else will wear a particular piece of clothing, than just throwing it out. I also plan to do some home-decluttering and fix some things around my flat. The small balcony will get a proper over-haul and then I will re-decorate a bit in my living-room to make it more practical. I am slowly finding my new style as a 60+ and the difficulty is finding a balance between fun and frumpy, not trendy but not boringly classic.

I´m finding inspiration in the strangest places. Recently the Japanese dating-show Ainori:the Love Wagon came to Swedish Netflix and I got hooked! The demure and extremely polite Japanese kids are so entrancing…There is drama however, and some very different takes on love.

It is also very travel-inspiring as the kids are travelling through East Asia and you get a good look at different countries. Vietnam is now firmly on my bucket-list!

After I had devoured all of Ainori (22 episodes!) I went on to Terrace House, another Japanese kind of dating-show. Still polite kids and the home decor of the houses is so beautiful I am now considering throwing out all furniture and start from scratch!! (And ofc I won’t, but a girl can be dreaming and the houses are really smart!).

Actually, these shows have also firmly put Japan on my bucket-list!

Age is just a number is a phrase I have been considering a lot lately, as I realize my peers are living such contrasting lives, and if the 20´s is a time when you choose your path and your way of life, your career and your relationships – so are the 60+ years too. In between you get caught up in juggling work, kids, family, maybe a house and mortgage that you just try and keep up. But now I have the chance to make interesting choices for now and the future. It is a fun time, if you embrace it, and I´m filled with inspiration!