Changes and projects

On the 14th of April I turned 60. It´s not really a deal-braker, I still truly believe that age is just a number – but I guess every decade, and especially the point when you “pass over” is a good time to reflect on what you have done, not done and what you want to do, right?

I was celebrated by my new colleagues and the bouquet included this magnificent peony. I had no idea, but as it blossomed it also changed color. Kind of reflective of age….

I have become more reflective this past year, and I enjoy it. Maybe it is the fact that I am properly single for a longer time, but my thinking-time has become very important to me. My new job demands a lot – I meet a lot of different people, I need to learn new things and new skills, and it is demanding and interesting. But it´s not always easy to get out of a comfort-zone (after all I held my former position for 14 years, so I was pretty bored at the end but I also knew exactly what I was doing!) and I use my weekends at the moment to recuperate and relax.

My son gave me two books for my birthday (and a ticket to Avengers Affinity War, going to watch it this week), one being a book on growing vegetables in the city. I have a small balcony, and last year I grew some cherry tomatoes there. Just a pot, but it was great fun and this year I am going to try some more…

Before the transformation!

My balcony furniture is old, so it will get a lick of paint. I´m gonna go a bit wild here, and see if it works. I am thinking soft turquoise and blues and maybe a hint of dusky rose to complement green plants and really strong pink  and maybe some reds in the flowers. The balcony will be my Bohemian Dream!

I have said for years that I would perhaps stop coloring my hair when I turn 60. I have recently seen so many silver-haired beautiful ladies that I think I may take the plunge. If I don´t like it, I can always buy a bottle of dye, right? It is a scary thought, because I have been dying my hair since I was 24, but I think the time has come. I know some women say they think going grey will age them, but I have come to the conclusion that it is not a good look either when you´re face and body is one age and your hair another. As long as my hair looks groomed and nice (which is easy said and hard to do with my thick, curly and wavy hair!) I will be fine.

Beautiful parrot-tulips (that is the Swedish name at least) from a good friend for my birthday.

I have only travelled for work so far this year, but I have travel plans for 2018! Changing my mind every other day recently about where to go. So I have calmed down and decided to let it grow on me. I´m going to make more mindful decisions for the next few years – what DO I REALLY want to do? is my main question. Today the answer would be Interrail (you buy a card and travel as much as you want on European trains for a set number of days) in Europe. After all – it´s not just for the kids!! I discovered there are discounted tickets for seniors and in the world of train-traveling that is interpreted as 60+ . I´m not sure if it is an insult or not, but I am thinking about buying one.


I did Interrail when I was 20 with a good friend of mine that I still see from time to time. In those days there was one kind of card – 30 days of non-stop train travel – and we travelled by train from Stockholm to Italy to Scottish border and back home in 4 weeks. It gave me memories for life. We met people from all over the world (well, maybe mostly males) and we walked around with really heavy backpacks. I may actually still have the note from a Spanish admirer on the last train home, which was left next to my seat. He didn´t speak any English, so the note was in Spanish and took me ages to decipher! The pretty hearts gave me a clue about the message though…We stayed with her Italian relatives, in backpacking hostels and in B&B.s, but mostly in the trains to save money.

That will not be how my 60-yearold self will travel, that is for sure!

I´m more contemplating soft train trips through beautiful landscapes, staying in country hotels and having nice meals and going to museums. Let us see if I can muster up the courage!!

2 thoughts on “Changes and projects

  1. Happy belated birthday. I love the mindfulness of this post – it is really interesting to think or even have the luxury to think about what really matters to us, not everything has to be full speed ahead 🙂 A really good friend and I are planning a trip to London together in summer sometime as she finishes her PhD, we last travelled together to London in 2009, so we will leave our partners and celebrate friendship or something – anything 🙂 Also there will be a Frida Kahlo exhibition at the V&A we both want to see, it is time to go back for us I think

    • Thanks Juliet! I´m glad you liked my rambling thoughts:) At 60 you suddenly realize there are more years behind you than in front of you (most probably anyway!) and it´s a good time to reflect. London sounds lovely, it used to be my favorite and I went there as often as I could through my 20´s and 30´s. And it´s really nice to re-establish friendships, old friends know you from a different time and different perspective and they remind you of who you were and what has changed. The Frida Kahlo exhibit sounds interesting, right now I´m collecting tips for my European train trip and that goes on the list!

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