Spring has sprung and I´m ashamed


OK, so I have not written about my wardrobe for a while, and you may think it´s because there is nothing much to say, as I am on a shopping-ban…

Well, ehem….I haven´t kept my ban and I´m ashamed.

Spring has sprung, and I realized when I had worked a few weeks in my new position that I would´t be able to keep my shopping-ban. I meet a lot of people, I negotiate and need to be intimidating and well-dressed and I represent. And it is a slightly different kind of group that I´m interacting with. So my wardrobe did´t really fit the bill anymore.

I do still wear jeans, but not as much. I got two pairs of trousers, from the brand Brax. Nice, conservative and comfy to pair with jackets (and I haven´t found the perfect one yet). For my birthday I also bought four new dresses. Admittedly I went over-board there, but I PROMISE I will get rid of as many old ones. Soon.


I am sticking to my color-scheme and I have mostly bought things in red to brighten up my otherwise blue/black/white wardrobe.

Now I will get back on track, and I will have a shopping-ban until May 31st, and prolong it if I can keep it…

Oops, I forgot to tell you about my new blue trenchcoat…It´s from Hobbs and looks very professional. I did need that one.

I had a great birthday by the way. Had a lovely dinner with my son at a nice restaurant called Farang. Southeast asian cuisine and very cool concrete atmosphere. We had a set menu with 7 small dishes and enjoyed it immensely. Not cheap, but when you turn 60 it´s kinda special so I didn´t care.