I´m no April Fool!!

img_1015I have been away from the blog for a while, simply because I have started a new job and it takes a lot of energy to learn new things and get to know new people. But I really enjoy it, and because I´m turning 60 this month I can also admit that even though it IS harder to start fresh these days, it is also invigorating!!!

Spring has´t really turned up in Stockholm yet, but because of my new job I´m lucky enough to travel to the south of Sweden on a regular basis, and THERE Spring has sprung! Which makes me think even more about moving south after retirement. But having started fresh I guess it will have to wait another few years.

Turning 60 does have its perks. For instance all those companies that has taken my money for so many years are suddenly remembering that I exist. I have a card for a free bithdaycake (6 slices no less!) and a free shower-gel. Guess I´ll have to start to wash now that I´m getting old…

I also got a nice discreet package from the Health Board in Stockholm. As you turn 60 you are treated to a free colon cancer check…Guess that cake can come in handy if I need to poop:)

I´m not that fond of celebrating birthdays. I do appreciate the fact that I have them of course, but celebrating….not so much. A nice dinner will suffice. And to be honest – in most of the relationships I have had through the years (and they are quite a few!) my birthday has either been celebrated lavishly because the person in my life wants to show off, or they have hardly been celebrated at all because the person in my life did´t care much. To me a perfect birthday celebration is done with love and heart, not necessarily with gifts and party. I want to be surrounded by people who appreciate me in their life and are prepared to show it. Probably why I´m single at the moment…

Now that sounded bitter, but I´m really content at the moment. I miss Maya the Cat, but Molly the Cat and me are settling down and she likes to snuggle up in the sofa or my bed whenever she gets a chance. Son will once again change his course at Uni, but I think he is moving forward in the right direction (thank God, University is free in this country!). I have enough money to live a good life and if not in luxury, then at least comfortably! I´m in a good place in life.

A meeting with a friend who is also turning 60 got me thinking, though. My friend is pondering life choices and what could have been. So do I do that? Not much. But there are things I know today that I wish I had known when I was 25.


a few things I wish I had known at 25

Life will always change. There are nothing that stays the same. Even if life is boring or horrible or sad, it will not last. And unfortunately the same goes for the happy times. There are no forever happy-stories in real life. But cherish your good times instead of just rushing through life.

Life is never greener on the other side. People try to sell you stories every day about how great their lives are, but scratch on the surface and it turns out their lives are just like yours or mine – happy sometimes and sad sometimes. Don´t be envious, envy is a really bad motivator.

What doesn´t kill you makes you stronger is a stupid saying, but never the less true. There will be horrific things in life that makes you grow as a person and make you more humble, nice and teach you good life lessons. Make sure you have a support group or person around to cling to when you think you are going to break, and you will survive.

Stop sometimes when life is good and be grateful. Gratitude is a lost art.

Do things you love. You can’t always do it if you want to put food on the table and a roof over your head, but if you can’t love it all the time, do little things to feed your heart. Be it art, writing, theatre, playing with your kids, baking, gardening, whatever. Find something you love doing and enjoy. But don´t think you have to burn for something, its way too easy to burn up.

Finally – regret doesn´t get you anywhere. Try and hurt people as little as possible, because those are the big regrets in life. But choices? We all make bad ones and good ones and the only thing we can be sure about is that we have to live with them, so look forward and hope you made the right choice. And never regret what you did for love.


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    • Thank you! Both for your kind words and your felicitations. I have a few days left on the this side of 60, but I´m getting used to the idea:)

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