Changes and projects

On the 14th of April I turned 60. It´s not really a deal-braker, I still truly believe that age is just a number – but I guess every decade, and especially the point when you “pass over” is a good time to reflect on what you have done, not done and what you want to do, right?

I was celebrated by my new colleagues and the bouquet included this magnificent peony. I had no idea, but as it blossomed it also changed color. Kind of reflective of age….

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I´m no April Fool!!

img_1015I have been away from the blog for a while, simply because I have started a new job and it takes a lot of energy to learn new things and get to know new people. But I really enjoy it, and because I´m turning 60 this month I can also admit that even though it IS harder to start fresh these days, it is also invigorating!!!

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