A doll´s house


The past 10 days I´ve been a newbie. I started a new job on March 1st and it has been and still is a transition period. In a good way I might add. But all the new people, new environment, new rules and new job areas means I have been totally wasted in the evenings. The fact that Spring never turns up doesn´t help. Some extra D-vitamin might, I´m trying that now.

But I don´t want to leave the blog un-updated for too long, so I thought I´d share something with you that the Nordic Museum reminded me of. My love of doll´s houses!

When I was a little girl growing up with two parents who both studied for their PhD at University (meaning low income, nice title), I had one wish for every birthday. To get a doll´s house.

Every year they had my photo taken in a professional photo-studio (my brother didn´t arrive until I was 8, and then they stopped taking photos) and the one thing that made me look forward to this annual visit was the most beautiful doll´s house they had on display, very much like the one on the photo above. Ofcourse it was a look-only doll´s house but I was a child with a vivid imagination and I loved looking at the miniature furniture and the miniature dolls and make up stories in my head.

One of my friends had one of those classic Lundby houses with real lighting and carpets and even a proper staircase between the first two floors. I can´t remember if she also had the added basement with the garage and the basement room, but I was deeply deeply envious and in love with that house.

So every year for my birthday and for Christmas I wished for a doll´s house from Lundby. And every year for my birthday and for Christmas  I got something else.


This is a classic Lundby house that my friend had and to be totally honest, I still dream about it! Someone should buy me this for my 60th!


When I was 8 my family was set to move from the South of Sweden to the North. I was to leave all my friends behind and start a new school. And with my father making a career-move and my parents getting a nice new flat and new furniture, they promised me a great present – a doll´s house in my new room!

In my imagination I saw that Lundby house, with the sofas and the bathroom furniture and the tiny, tiny lamps that was turned on in the evening, and I could hardly wait!

But my practical parents didn´t get me a Lundby house, they got me a bookcase with shelves that looked like arches and claimed it was almost like a doll´s house. And “just imagine when you get older you can use it as a book-case!”. Who cared??? It was nothing like a doll´s house, and I can´t remember that I ever used it like one. I was so disappointed that they didn´t understand how important it was that it should be a proper doll´s house. But I was never spoiled as a child, so I realized I would never get a proper Lundby house. And I stopped asking for one for my birthdays.

Even now when I´m 60 I get all weepy and longing when I look at beautiful miniature houses. And if I had a bigger apartment I would have one on display in my hallway! One of the prettiest I´ve ever seen was a Victorian one at Windsor Castle, but they had several nice ones at the Nordic Museum as well.


No, I will probably not ever get a Lundby house, but it will be one of those few things that I can imagine I will always have a yearning for. It is certainly not the most practical thing and certainly one of those things a person can live without in life, but to the small girl in me it was something that dreams were made of.