A trip back in time


To take my mind off things I decided to make a weekend-visit to a museum. I love museums, but I´m the kind of visitor who likes to stroll through rather quickly and then something grabs my attention and I get stuck, when other visitors slowly moves through the entire place. So qeueing is not my cup of tea! I have noticed that fashion has been accepted in the museum-world, and right now there are three different exhibitions in Stockholm with fashion themes. But since I have been eyeing the one at Nordiska Museet for some time now, that´s the one I opted for.  It did´t hurt that it was vintage-themed either, you know me and vintage!

The Nordic Museum is quite interesting in many ways, and should really be more popular with tourists than the Vasa-museum which is right behind it. The big, gothic palace was built in 17 years, and opened in 1907. It was founded by Arthur Hazelius, who was also the man behind Skansen (the open-air museum across the street from the Nordic Museum where you find the king of the woods, the Elk, if you are so inclined). He (Arthur, not the Elk) was strongly influenced by national romantics, and believed it was important to save old things that reflected the way of living that was disappearing because of industrialism. In the museum you can study old traditions in Sweden (Midsummer etc) but also have look at stuff that are not that old, but already almost forgotten (read:things from my childhood!).


The exhibition on 50´s fashion and living was not big, but it gave me a few reminders of what I love about vintage. This dress was just adorable and pretty similar to one modern brand Jumperfabriken sold last summer. Ever a classic feminine silhouette.


The dresses in the exhibition were not couture, but clothes that “normal” people would wear, even if sometimes part´wear. The light blue dress with the bolero-jacket reminds me of my mothers wedding dress. I blush with remorse when I remember that I cut it up in the 80´s to make a skirt out of it…



Dots are trendy this Spring, and I would happily put on that light blue dress! Baskets were a big thing, and smart too when shopping. No plastic here! Actually, making a return of the basket fashionable would be quite environmentally friendly:)


Of course there were some pencil-dresses as well. And a coat I would also happily wear any day (although maybe in a different colour). The pink dress is so similar to a dress I remember my mother wore in the early 60´s…

Now I have had a few days off as I am starting a new job March 1st. And I can admit I have not kept my shopping-ban! Well, I claim I needed some new stuff for my new job, but that is not totally true. I will however put together a new capsule wardrobe for March, and keep it 35 pieces. So far that has worked really great, and I also find that it simplifies my morning routine. It´s also interesting the way hanging things the wrong way and turning them around when I wear them works. I tend to go for the pieces I haven´t worn, so in a month´s time I actually wear everything, and it does make me more creative in my choices.

March should be the start of Spring, but right now we are enduring the Beast from the East, a really cold and snowy climate that means my cardigans will be on duty for another month!

2 thoughts on “A trip back in time

  1. Funny/sad to see 1950s fashions in a museum when I clearly remember my mom in very similar looks. I do love the classic lines of these dresses and yes, they are so feminine and wearable today. The black one is smashing. What a fun visit. 🙂

  2. Yes, it was fun! I haven´t been there for a few years, and they have modernised. Will probably be worth one more blog post I think. I guess the museums are trying to get the younger generation through the doors, 1950´s is ancient (and fashionable) to them, soon we will have 1980´s-exhibitions! But it is nice to recognize things.

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