A proper January Muuuu


We haven´t had much of a winter in Stockholm this year. So far. But you always hold your breath as we enter January, because then the snow usually comes if not before. I took this photo Jan 8 and it was breathtakingly beautiful in the morning when I was going to work. It was´t really snow, just frost, but it was a warning that the weather is getting colder.

And then it all came of course. Not loads, but enough for a mature lady to put on her spiked winter boots and look carefully where she puts down her feet. I broke my wrist a few years ago when I slipped on some hidden ice, and honestly – it was the worst pain ever! A lot worse than having a baby actually – because then you knew something good was coming! So I learned from that experience to be careful, and spend money on a pair of ugly but practical boots that will keep me firmly planted to the ground.


This is what I am talking about. Looks innocent enough, right? But underneath can be some clear frozen ice and BOOM! There you go!

Actually it is a well-known fact in the hospitals ER that this time of year they will be filled with older women with broken wrists and ankles. Why? Because most of us have unpractical shoe-wear and we obviously have more brittle bones than the younger generations.

We call these weeks in January/February “ox-veckor” in Swedish. Which means “ox-week” (pretty similar, eh?) and means the weeks after the Holidays when you have to work hard and it is really like trampling the field like an ox with a big thing (I know, I know, but what would you call the thingy in English?) on your back. The snow brightens the world up a little bit, that is the good thing.

The other good thing is that it will be cold enough to wear your coats. I love coats! At the moment I have three good winter coats and they fulfill slightly different purposes. One, that I bought in October, is my everyday-coat and it isn´t overly warm which has been good this year, another coat is really really warm and the third one is really nice over dresses. Two are black and one navy. If I wasn´t a minimalist right now – or if I actually had found THE COAT – I would want a red one to wear on those dreary dark days to cheer myself up. I did have a red coat but it was sadly eaten by moths.

My everyday-coat right now is designed by Carin Wester, a talented Swedish designer who used to be way over my price range but is now co-operating with Swedish department-store Åhléns and have a produced a really contemporary line of low-priced clothes. I find a lot of the clothes are not my style (but great on those who can wear them) but I really fell heels in love with this coat! I recently got the scarf in light blue with a matching hat at & Other Stories.

As for my dress-coat, what can I say? I have searched high and low for a quality coat with as flattering silhouette, but I haven´t found it yet. This coat is from retro-brand Hell Bunny, and I get so many compliments when I wear it. Just scared the moths will find this one too…(but it isn´t wool, so probably not!).

Right now I´m on a train going to Linköping to visit my son at University. Just a short trip, but really nice to get away for a bit from Stockholm. And you do have to find small ways to get yourself through the ox-weeks – when it´s cold, dark and you are pretty broke…Muuuuuu!  (Swedish moooo), see you soon!