Happy new year!

Pondering New Year (old pic!)

I love New Years!! Not the party part of New Year´s, but the pondering, planning and looking into the future part of New Year. I always get a new calendar for the new year and then I start it off in a traditional way – I enter all the holidays that I´m off work and I make a preliminary plan for the other holidays. That always gets me in the right spirit!

2017 I managed to do a few things right. I have been blogging more regularly, even if some posts have been pretty meaningless. So for 2018 I plan to work on my blog and write more interesting pieces.

There is an ulterior motive of course, I love that I have more readers now, and it is also a great exercise for my writing. As some already know I have been writing on a romance novel in Swedish for a few years now, and it´s time it will be finished. That is also in my plans for 2018.

I have also got a new job! Yes, even though I´m turning 60 in April I have managed to get myself a new job! With great benefits. And it will mean a lot of new things to learn (fun), some traveling (fun) and a new workplace (fun). I´m really excited about it, and maybe it will also entail some new wardrobe-pieces, at least to boost my confidence:)

In 2017 I travelled to Lisbon, Paris, Prague and Geneva. All short trips (Geneva was work even) but I learned to pack small and it was also pretty much new territories for me. I travelled alone to Lisbon and Paris and learned to be more comfortable doing so, even loving it eventually. I still need to get more comfortable eating out alone, but I´m getting there!

What will be in my traveling-plans for 2018? I have no idea!

Last year I planned to go to Cornwall and Berlin, but never did. Maybe this year? For some reason I have never been to Berlin, even though I have this feeling it will be a good place for me – cultural, fun, hippie-kind of a town. I´ve not really accepted Brexit yet, which totally changed my plans for my retirement (I have always wanted to live in the UK for a year), and so I´m not sure I will take what used to be an annual holiday in Britain. Maybe I´ll change my mind. And there are still loads of places I haven´t been to or seen, and some places I really want to return to. I´m not a beach-girl, but I did have a great holiday in Mallorca a few years back…

I DO need to loose  a few pounds and I am determined to do this in 2018. And most importantly get more healthy. I have several people around me who has been or are very sick and I want to make sure I take care of my health as best as I can. Illness may  come anyway, but at least my body should be prepared to fight. And I haven´t really taken care of my poor knees for some time, they ache terribly at times…

I don´t make promises. I have good intentions. Because in the end Life just happens and all your plans and intentions change. And it´s not the worst thing. Something new will come out of it, maybe even something better? I truly look forward to this new year and I hope you have a great new year too!