Merry Christmas from me to you!


I wish you all a very merry Christmas! It´s Christmas Eve, an thats when we celebrate the holiday in Sweden. After all, if everyone celebrated on Christmas Day how would Santa manage to get around the world in one night? (Apart from the fact that not all the world celebrate Christmas of course…)

In the weeks coming up to Christmas I have indulged in Christmas movies. I just love them! Romance and cookies and Santas – what´s not to love? Hallmark-movies are rather kitsch, but at the same time – just lovely:). I´m not religious so that part of Christmas is lost on me, but I love my romantic Christmas-movies and I can´t imagine my holidays without them.

I spent a fortune on the Christmas tree this year, but it was worth it. It´s beautiful! And I hope it lasts for at least two weeks, through the holidays, before the cats turn it into a cat-toy. And a real Christmas tree is so much more environmentally friendly than plastic, after all.

We celebrate a rather low key Christmas in my house. Son visits with his father´s family for Christmas Eve and we celebrate Christmas Day with a classic American Turkey and a British dessert. With some french food for Christmas Eve Dinner and some Swedish specialities thrown in for good measure. You can´t say we are not international! I will spend most of the weekend reading and sleeping and maybe taking the odd walk around the neighborhood, but mostly I will be doing absolutely nothing. I have two weeks off from work and I will enjoy every minute!


Molly in her Santa outfit, isn´t she cute? Of course it was just for the photo, three seconds later she was just dressed in fur again, as a cat should be.

Christmas is my laid-backholiday and New Years is the holiday I ponder things. I´m not a party girl anymore, and just taking it easy and enjoying that special calm that comes with Christmas is enough for me.

I hope you have great holidays as well, and Merry Christmas to all of you around the world!


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