The Swedish Party of the Year – Nobel Prize


Yes, you read correctly:) – no stupid, sexist Hollywood-producers here, nor glamorous Hollywood-starlets in tiny couture and size

zero. In Sweden we keep the glamour cultural, intelligent and scientific. The party of the year – every year – is the Nobel Price Awards Gala Dinner that always is held  in the beautiful Blue Hall in Stockholm Town Hall.

But who cares about town halls and amazing food or even a stupid prize worth millions (swedish krona that is)? Or even science, after all science is fake news, right? What is a ball at the castle if not the perfect time to show off some spectacular dresses? And this year was pretty good, I must say. Some of the best in my opinion:


This is our minister of Culture, Alice Bah Kuhnke, and she looks spectacular as always. The bolero was made of paper! And the theme for her dress was climate change…Designer Bea Szenfeld won a talent contest for young European designers many years ago, and usually designs a bit avant garde.

Our Crown Princess, Victoria, in a beautiful blue gown. She usually dresses in Swedish designers for big gala events like this, but I missed this one…

The leader of the Center Party, Annie Lööf, in a dress that looks pretty boring from the front but spectacular from the back. She is a natural red-head and always dresses in accordance to this.

Our minister of Finance, Magdalena Andersson with her husband. It is a dress way out of her comfort zone, bu oh so pretty. And if you always wear strict suits and looks the part of a Treasurer why should´t you go all in when you attend a ball? Cudos to you, Magdalena! The dress is by designer Camilla Thulin.


I don’t like this dress at all, it makes Sara Danius look like Cruella De Ville, but you have to give her credit anyway, it´s spectacular! And because she is the Secretary of the Swedish Academy  (which picks the prize winner in Literature) and she has had to put up with a lot of shit recently (they have their own huge metoo-scandal going on) – she does look like a strong woman in this dress, and one who won’t take any bulls-t from anyone!