Let there be light!


When I was a child I lived in the north of Sweden for 8 years and the winters were a time of perpetual darkness. Once in a while you would get a northern light, which was amazing, but the rest of the time was total darkness. As a child I can´t remember that it had a huge impact on my life, but as I have grown older those months have become harder and harder to get through…

This year I am trying something new, I´m taking extra D-vitamin during the winter to see if it makes any impact. So far I´m pretty positive, it is hard to know if it really is the vitamins or just life, but I haven´t had my regular dark autumn-mini-depression that I usually get. The real test will be in February though…

I believe that living in the dark for five months out of twelve gives you some personality traits that people who live in the sunshine doesn´t have. I mean, you have to be pretty patient as you are kept waiting for Spring and you have to have a certain tenacity to hold on as you get up every morning in the dark and cold. It is really no wonder that Ingemar Bergman was Swedish, because you have to be able to sort of enjoy your inner darkness and having a certain melancholy helps too. But to be truthful a lot of people would´t get by if they didn´t take a week or two in the Canary Isles during the winter months!

When I was a child we didn´t set up lights the way Americans seem to do, in the movies at least, but that has changed big time the last decade or so. And I love it! 

Actually artsy light-installations has become very trendy in December, and they do make a big difference. Recently I visited Linköping that has taken this a step further and have a Light-festival every weekend in December. I took the chance to take photos:)

I just loved this Bambi-installation outside the Central station in Linköping! Isn´t it pretty?


I went to Linköping for work, but actually my son studies at the University there, so I´m pretty familiar with the city. It´s a two-hour train ride from Stockholm City and has a nice relaxed university-town-feel about it. Like many smaller cities it has a compact city-centre that makes shopping a lot easier. Not to say I did any…after all I´m on a minimalistic budget!