A hundred names for snow


I woke up Monday morning and the first snow had come. It is the same thing every year. The first snow comes and chaos breaks out. That includes no commuter trains working, buses being cancelled because it´s too slippery on the roads and thousands of people with tired and drawn looks on their faces trying to get to work or home or just basically getting anywhere! It seems we all forget about it coming, every year, and are totally taken by surprise.  But we quickly adapt, and the first snow hardly ever stays, thankfully. So Tuesday was cold and the streets pretty clear from snow.

But the cold means it´s sweater weather. I´ve been going through my sweaters this week, and some will stay and some might have to go.


This is my favorite right now, a nice one from Jumperfabriken. I love it because its lambswool and soft and comfy, and the pattern reminds me of my childhood sweaters:)


This is an old one from Phase8, a sale-bargain. I have liked it for years, but looking at this photo I look like I am 8 months pregnant. May have to go.


This one from last year is Me & Em, a British brands that makes really nice basics but is pretty pricey. I have a long-sleeved t-shirt underneath, which makes it look really bulky. This one I´m not sure about.


A black waterfall cardigan from H&M over a navy/white t-shirt-top from Me&Em. This has been a go-to-look for a few days now. I love the long cardigan. And being post-menopausal I love to be able to take things off and put them on…according to body-temperature.

My minimalism-project is struggling along as you can see. But I´m totally proud of myself as I spent 4 hours downtown on Saturday and did not buy a single piece of clothing!! Yes, I did try some on, but I kept to my list in my phone and none of the things there was found.

Whats on the list? A winter hat, a big wooly scarf and a good quality cardigan. I did have a pair of good quality black trousers on there too, but they seem impossible to find when you have a derriere like a barn door and a much slimmer waist…So I´ve given up this quest for the holy grail, and will just sit and wait and hope the perfect pair of pants come and find me instead. Pretty much like the perfect man!:)

The Christmas holidays are coming up and I watch people at work start their x-mas shopping and planning. As it will be only son and me for the holidays, we are doing things very much our way this year. And it´s turning out to be wonderfully simple and relaxed. A nice dinner, a money transfer (he´s saving up for a new computer) and some decorations. Easy.

If the snow will be kind enough to stay away until I´m ready for my X-mas holidays (I have two weeks off this year!!!Bliss!!!) this could actually turn out to be the most relaxed December-month in years. Who would have thought?