Merry Christmas from me to you!


I wish you all a very merry Christmas! It´s Christmas Eve, an thats when we celebrate the holiday in Sweden. After all, if everyone celebrated on Christmas Day how would Santa manage to get around the world in one night? (Apart from the fact that not all the world celebrate Christmas of course…)

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The Swedish Party of the Year – Nobel Prize


Yes, you read correctly:) – no stupid, sexist Hollywood-producers here, nor glamorous Hollywood-starlets in tiny couture and size

zero. In Sweden we keep the glamour cultural, intelligent and scientific. The party of the year – every year – is the Nobel Price Awards Gala Dinner that always is held  in the beautiful Blue Hall in Stockholm Town Hall.

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Let there be light!


When I was a child I lived in the north of Sweden for 8 years and the winters were a time of perpetual darkness. Once in a while you would get a northern light, which was amazing, but the rest of the time was total darkness. As a child I can´t remember that it had a huge impact on my life, but as I have grown older those months have become harder and harder to get through…

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A hundred names for snow


I woke up Monday morning and the first snow had come. It is the same thing every year. The first snow comes and chaos breaks out. That includes no commuter trains working, buses being cancelled because it´s too slippery on the roads and thousands of people with tired and drawn looks on their faces trying to get to work or home or just basically getting anywhere! It seems we all forget about it coming, every year, and are totally taken by surprise.  But we quickly adapt, and the first snow hardly ever stays, thankfully. So Tuesday was cold and the streets pretty clear from snow.

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