Kindness, laziness and bedtime-stories

It seems to me Christmas is starting earlier every year, am I right or not? Most of my neighbors have decorated their balconies with lights, the way many Swedes do, and I am stubbornly holding on to December 1st. No, I´m not really a traditionalist, and I enjoy the lights, but I´m too lazy to go down to my basement-storage and take up the lights and fix whatever needs fixing. I will do it, just not yet.

This time of the year is the worst for me, as I hate the dark mornings and evenings and the rain and the cold, and just about everything in November! It is also the busiest time at work. In December the lights come on in preparation for Xmas and the festivities for the holidays gets going and carries you through. January is usually cold and dark too, but you can look forward to Spring…

So how do I get through this period? Well, I plan and focus. And I try to be kind to myself.

If I don’t feel like going to the gym, I don’t go. If I feel like having cake on a Tuesday, I do. And if I´m not looking my best or doing my best every day because I´m tired and worn out right now, then I don´t put myself down because of it.

But I do like to take long baths, do some yoga-poses and put myself to sleep every night with a good-night story from Calm. This app on my phone has been a savior this past month. I tried Headspace, which I know has attracted a lot of attention in the media, before and love that one too – but the stories made me subscribe to Calm.

I used to read bedtime-stories to my son when he was a kid, and kept doing it for a lot of years. Every time I tried to stop because I thought he was getting to old, he protested. “I need a story to sleep, I need something to think about”. And I get it.

I rarely manage to listen to a full story, I´m fast asleep halfway through!  A good story will put a stop to the buzzing voices in my head going on about all the things I need to do or should do or maybe even forgot to do…

It´s funny though how I choose my stories. I prefer a slightly non-fiction story like the one about different kinds of sheep or a train journey. And no music please! I have also realised that I cannot listen to Stephen Fry, I love his voice so much I have to stay awake to the end…

Stress is so often a part of everyday-life in this society that you get used to it and don’t realize what it is doing to you until it´s too late. The demands for perfection and focus in every part of your life is, in my opinion, making people sick. Someone asked me this week “What are you burning for?” and maybe the answer is “you don´t have to burn for something to do it well, because the chance is you may very well burn yourself up”. That doesn´t mean you can’t be passionate about things or love the things you do, but take care and remember that a bit of cooling down can very well make you focus better on whatever you want to do.

I had two photos taken this week with my wardrobe-choices and even as I see that I really, really need to loose some weight, I´m being kind to myself in this area too.


The dress is from English brand Hobbs and the boots are from K.Cobbler. I love those boots so much I just got a new pair…


Trying to look like a proper legal councilor in blue jeans, a blazer and my white and blue t-shirt from Me&Em (got it a few years ago but they have similar).