November rain


Monday started with a bang this week, the office closed and everyone switched rooms. All part of a re-organization of the kind new bosses love to stick their teeth in. I´m sure you get my point.

I was supposed to sit somewhere else but after a discussion I managed to wrestle into a room I used to have five years ago, next to the coffee-machine. That will be handy when boredom strikes and I need coffee, or just to get me through my workload that is just massive atm. This is my Monday outfit – all black!

I am getting a lot of wear out of those cheap jeans I got from H&M. Two pairs – one dark navy and one black with a lot of stretch and a high waist.

The thing was, it should have been 4 pair of jeans or maybe even 5 if the H&M sizing was not totally NUTS!! I got one pair of black stretchjeans, and as I know H&M by now, I ordered several pairs online in different models and returned the ones that did´t work. Which meant I kept one pair.

Then I was excited to see that this one pair in black had little siblings in other colors. So I ordered blue, black embroidered and plum. And a lighter blue. So I was pretty sure these would fit, right? Same model, just different colors. And was I wrong? You bet! I had to send back all but the dark blue ones. Which was just as well, because I should not buy things:)) Thanks H&M for making my life easier and more capsulistic!

But the two pairs I kept are great – and I have used them every day this week. I actually love my all-black Monday-look, and what you can’t see in the photo is the black beading on the cardigan, which is a find from my vintage days. I have realized that the few vintage finds I have, I keep coming back to over and over again. I would definitely go for more vintage clothes if I could find them in my size. But in the old days people were tiny:)


This is my Friday-look. The tunic-top is new and from Jumperfabriken, a Swedish brand that I love. I like the retro-prints that reminds me of Swedish design classics in the sixties and fifties, and if I can explain this to my capsules-self I would dearly want Santa to bring me a warm cardigan in light blue from Jumperfabriken that reminds me of a cardi that my mom used to have when I was young.