Confessions of a closet-capsulist

I know! That word probably does´t exist, right? But I like it, and it captures what I want to say. So I´m going to use it anyway:)

I´m way into November and my 2nd month of capsule-wardrobing, and I´m running into problems. I realized before I started this, that even though I live in a country with a six-month-winter, I have a much bigger summer wardrobe than winter wardrobe. Maybe it´s my sub-conscious hoping for a different climate or something, or maybe it´s just the fact that my creative spirit fades in the winter-months and I wear the same stuff every day. Usually black, which kind of captures my spirit around this time of the year.

The fact that I have fewer pieces of clothing would be perfect for my capsule wardrobe, if the wardrobe itself had not made me more creative! And selecting things and putting them together makes me more aware of color choices and what I lack.

So I have a confession to make.

I broke my shopping ban once again and bought a few pieces over the weekend. AND I will get another few pieces in the months to come. I realize as I put my things together and try to coordinate them, that I have loved dresses a bit TOO much and I have very few separates now that I try and style things more and wear jeans (blue or black) and a top most every day.

I do need a white or/and black t-shirt with long sleeves and a white shirt for winter (to wear under jackets and cardigans). And I need a longer cardigan that fits under a winter coat and if I ever find them I also need a pair of well tailored black pants. And just maybe a black shirt/blouse…

As you can understand I need basics! And remember I said basics are boring and I hope to keep my style and not fill my wardrobe with basics? Well, my other confession would be that I was wrong. Using separates more made me realize that basics can be accessorized a lot more. Surprise!!!


These are my new buys – a cardigan and a tunic from Jumperfabriken, a Swedish brand with a slight retro-feel. 

I have always felt that putting a lot of money into knitwear is a waste, as they usually look like crap after a season anyway. They will pill, or get ruined in a wash (and they are too often an absolute horror to wash!) or they get eaten by moths. I even had a cashmere jumper dry-cleaned and it ended up looking like a H&M-sweater six months into a season anyway. (and tbh those H&M sweaters made by rayon or synthetics of a strange sort often hold their shape pretty well, even when machine-washed). And the fact that I don´t like to spend money on knitwear means I usually throw away a few sweaters every Spring when sweater-season is over.

Two cardigans that I got under my vintage-period have stood the test of time, my very warm 100 % wool cardigans from Swedish brand Emmy. They were expensive, I´m not gonna lie, but they are in perfect condition after three years, and so warm in the bitter winter-months in Sweden. They are however short, cropped, because I used to wear them over my dresses, so I need to get myself 1-2 cardigans that are longer in style. I have my eyes on a few, but they are all expensive and I also wonder if they would fit under my coats. Because in this climate you need a t-shirt, a cardigan AND a wool-coat to survive! This morning I read the long-time weather-prognos and the experts are “promising” the coldest winter in five years. Be still my heart!

So – you see I´m entitled to get some really warm and snuggly clothes, right?

It is interesting how the capsule wardrobe-experiment is making me find a new style and what I´m comfortable in, as I need to reduce my choices and pick what I love. But in October I have made some awful choices, and I am now more careful when I try on stuff and decide to buy them. Anything new needs to fit in my colour-scheme and be comfortable and every-day-wear. And classic, even if I find it hard sometimes to distinguish this from frumpy (at least when I wear it, those perfect pencil dresses look totally adorable on everyone else!).

Next week I will once again try to document my fashion-choices and I have stuck with 35 pieces as a good number.  In November I have to consider that I have meetings at work and outside the office (so some more business-like attire), I am going to a rock-concert and I´m taking a evening-class and I´m holding a full-day seminar at a clients office. And the weather can turn on me any minute! So, a lot of considerations…


My three dresses for November, all soft and cosy jersey dresses. 

And this is what I ended up with.

  • 4 pair of jeans (one dark blue, two black and one denimblue),
  • one short black pencil skirt
  • 3 dresses
  • 2 blazers -one black, one navy
  • 4 very different types of cardigans (two which are really old and hanging on a thread, but I´m giving them a last chance)
  • 9 blouses/shirts
  • 10 tops of different varieties (a couple of t-hsirts, shortsleeved)
  • 2 heavy sweaters

It´s quite an extensive wardrobe when I look at it, but remember I´m taking this in baby steps!

I have also started to sell and donate stuff – and will take more action in this area this month.