Change is in the air! – mini wardrobe month 2

So we are entering November, possibly the most boring month of the year (except February perhaps, or January….) . Anyway, while I try to book fun events to get me through, I have also re-considered my capsule wardrobe as it is now month 2 of my project.


November is wool-coat-month, as Sweden is a cold country and you have to wear a warm coat 6 months a year. My white wool-coat is a vintage bargain that I bought 3 years ago. It had never been worn, but is an original 1960´s coat and has a matching white scarf.

Photo 2014-04-14 08 54 19

This is another photo of the coat from when it was brand “new”. My hair was long and I badly needed a dye.

Coats are  not included in my capsule wardrobe, and I have three at the moment to wear through winter. Possibly layered, if it gets really cold.

As I start 2nd month of my challenge I have re-considered some things. I really liked the colors I came up with, but some pieces just did´t work as I had planned. I used very few dresses, and I was really disappointed in Geneva as my choices made me look frumpy and frankly awful. So I´m realizing more and more that this challenge is also a challenge to find a style that I´m comfortable with and love as I enter a new stage in my life and, to be honest, as I come to terms with the fact that my looks are changing.

Now I don´t think of that as a negative thing, but I have to be realistic. And I will not have the body of a 30-yearold anymore, and my knees are stopping me from wearing high heels and short skirts (unless I want to show them off swollen and thick, which I don’t). I actually think showing of some skin can be really beautiful when you are older, and I don´t care for wobbly arms but I don´t like my knees to be seen! We all carry around something in life, right?

Anyways, I decided to change a few things, and to take out a few dresses and the blazer from October and replace them with 2 other blazers, a navy and a black one. I´m going to wear them as a uniform with matching stretch-jeans at work. I´m also keeping a black skirt. But the focus will be more on separates than dresses. And I will have to bring in 1-2 sweaters as the weather gets rough. The total amount of clothes will be the same though-35.

I haven´t managed to totally stay away from shopping – I´ve bought two really dirt-cheap pair of stretchjeans at H&M and a nice blue jumper there as well. But as a whole I´ve managed really well and stayed away from all sorts of excessive spending, even as I have been totally stressed out this month from work and retail-therapy is my go-to-thing. In that respect I am really proud of myself, and so is my bank-account:))