Kindness, laziness and bedtime-stories

It seems to me Christmas is starting earlier every year, am I right or not? Most of my neighbors have decorated their balconies with lights, the way many Swedes do, and I am stubbornly holding on to December 1st. No, I´m not really a traditionalist, and I enjoy the lights, but I´m too lazy to go down to my basement-storage and take up the lights and fix whatever needs fixing. I will do it, just not yet.

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November rain


Monday started with a bang this week, the office closed and everyone switched rooms. All part of a re-organization of the kind new bosses love to stick their teeth in. I´m sure you get my point.

I was supposed to sit somewhere else but after a discussion I managed to wrestle into a room I used to have five years ago, next to the coffee-machine. That will be handy when boredom strikes and I need coffee, or just to get me through my workload that is just massive atm. This is my Monday outfit – all black!

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Confessions of a closet-capsulist

I know! That word probably does´t exist, right? But I like it, and it captures what I want to say. So I´m going to use it anyway:)

I´m way into November and my 2nd month of capsule-wardrobing, and I´m running into problems. I realized before I started this, that even though I live in a country with a six-month-winter, I have a much bigger summer wardrobe than winter wardrobe. Maybe it´s my sub-conscious hoping for a different climate or something, or maybe it´s just the fact that my creative spirit fades in the winter-months and I wear the same stuff every day. Usually black, which kind of captures my spirit around this time of the year.

The fact that I have fewer pieces of clothing would be perfect for my capsule wardrobe, if the wardrobe itself had not made me more creative! And selecting things and putting them together makes me more aware of color choices and what I lack.

So I have a confession to make.

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