Surviving autumn

img_0793The colors are beautiful, but I find this time of year really really hard. In Sweden the days are quickly going darker and darker, but still when I leave work I can enjoy a little bit of daylight.

That will soon change. This Sunday we return to winter time and the mornings will be slightly lighter and afternoons darker. For me this is the most gruesome time of the year, despite it´s still not really cold. Just wet and dark.

So every year I get the blues this time of year, and with the extra load of superstress at work I am trying to find ways to combat these feelings.

First I had a real hard look at my diet. I do not believe all the fads that goes around and comes around, but there are things you can do about diet. It is a scientific fact that when it´s dark outside you get really low in D-vitamins, which triggers depression among other things. So I´m taking D-vitamin supplements.


And as you can see I filled my fridge with goodies: veggies, fish and fruit. I also made homemade salsa to party up my fish, a mango one with chili and coriander and a tomatoe-one with onions, chili and coriander and some balsamic vinegar. My plan is to eat a lot more fish and less red meat. I also suffer from arthritis which gets worse with this weather and it does get better when I watch my meat-intake.


I also bring in fresh flowers to brighten my days! This is actually my small yoga-altar:) No, I´m not religious, but I enjoy doing yoga with a small lighted candle and some sweet music on.


Most of all I miss StikkiNikki, the wonderful ice-cream parlor around the corner from my flat! I did stock up on banana ice-cream before they closed, but with the stress right now I already ate it all!!! I´m sort of comforting myself with the fact that it´s organic, so can´t be that bad, can it???

But someone told me Stikki Nikki open up their shop on Drottninggatan for Christmas, and I will stalk them until they bring home a batch of banana sorbet or ice-cream. And then maybe I will survive winter this year.

What do you do to survive this time of year?