Geneva 2: Where did the chocolate go?


A view from the plane. Beautiful isn´t it? Actually Switzerland has become a favorite amongst filmmakers in Bollywood. Yes, you read it right. Indian filmmakers in Bollywood just loves those mountains. And because of that and the huge impact Bollywood has on the youth in India, Switzerland has also become a favorite honeymoon-spot for young Indians. All according to a friendly steward I sat next to on my flight between Zurich and Geneva.

If you have the money, and I´m sure it is the rich kids who go on honey-moon to Switzerland, why not? Good food, good shopping and chocolate, who could ask for more?

Being a sweet-tooth and having an extra 20 kilos to show for it, I appreciate some really nice swiss chocolate! Toblerone, the chocolate with delicious crispy almond fudge  in is my favorite, but actually I´ll eat most anything as long as it isn´t too dark. Yes, I know it´s healthy, but what is the point of eating chocolate if it doesn´t taste sweet and yummy?

The Swiss are also great cheese-makers, and even at the hotel whose-name-I-will-no-mention had a pretty exciting cheese-board at breakfast! I would probably skip dessert and choose a cheese platter instead if eating on my own in Geneva. I did not try it myself, but my work-mates highly praised the fondue (melted cheese) and the raclette (potatoes and cheese) they had in a local bistro.


I went to Geneva for work, and I will not bore you with details about that, but as I visited ILO and we got a small tour on the premises, I thought I´d share some of the beautiful work inside the rather ugly building. Everything in the ILO-building has been donated by one of the 180 member-states, and there certainly is a beautiful and somewhat eclectic mix of everything. Just look at the Guernica-copy made by school-children! So impressive!


I also fell in love with this statue. The colors and the details are intriguing, even if I may not choose to have it in my hallway…

And say what you will about concrete, it does make a great background for art!