Swiss chocolate and a trip to Geneva

Last week really tested me! Firstly because I had to travel to Geneva for work and secondly because I had decided to travel minimalistic, that is hand luggage only. It was of course only 4 days, but if you know me and my normal packing-ways you would know this was really stressful!

It was a struggle to pack for this trip, as it is now full-on-autumn in Sweden, and it was actually like a Swedish summer in Geneva. So I did bring some summer-clothes outside the minimalist wardrobe. Unfortunately I did´t try the stuff on, so some of the things looked terrible on me, as I have gained a bit of weight. Setting that aside, I was pretty chuffed with having space left in my bag after packing! And later on I would be pretty smug about it…

I had blue jeans, a breton t-shirt (blue/white), a blue scarf, trenchcoat and sneakers on as I traveled. And I brought two blouses, a blue dress, ballerina shoes  and a cardigan in my bag. Apart from lingerie and stockings of course.

I love traveling, but I hate doing it with work. It´s easy really – I hate being in a group that has to do everything the same and the hotels are usually crap. Same thing this time. Location was great, just across the street from Genevas Red Light distrct (I´m being ironic here, I hope you understand!) and it was clean enough. But that was it.

In the bottom of the hotel (which should perhaps remain anonymous) was a bar and a very popular hangout for older smokers. Which meant that even in my room on the fourth floor I could feel the air filled with smoke…


See the alps in the background?

It was also uncommonly warm in Geneva, so having my window closed was not a nice option. I did however keep it closed most of the time because of the late-night revellers passing in the street below most hours of the night. I think I slept 2-4 hours every night. Its pretty damn hard to concentrate and be efficient during the day under those circumstances!! When I checked the prices of this place I was stunned! But then – everything is very very very expensive in Geneva.

Where in the world would the taxfree-shop at the airport be more expensive than the high-street? In Geneva, of course!

But on the plus-side: The weather was great and the food is amazing! And walking along the waterside in Geneva is a very pleasurable experience. The old town is also very charming and well worth a long walk.

If you like to window-shop Geneva has it all – Tiffany, Armani, Dior, Breatling, Cartier – you name any luxury brand and be sure they have a shop in Geneva. I did check the Hermés shop at the airport, and it was more expensive to buy scarf there than to buy it directly from the shop in Paris (where the shipping is free)!! So anyone who buys something there is either desperate or have a very guilty soul….


Geneva is all about the water, and the big tourist attraction is Jeu d´Eau. I managed to get a picture with the rainbow in the water, see?

Surrounded by high mountains and the alps afar, the city is pretty. But would I ever go here if I didn´t do it for work? I wonder.