Why I decided to embrace minimalism – in my own way

Someone gave up on running. Just hoping he/she didn´t catch a cold walking home barefoot.

My favourite pastime on Sundays is to take a looooong walk and listen to my favorite podcast The Bestseller Experiment, take long deep breaths and just be.

Autumn is beautiful in so many ways – but it always makes me a bit depressed. Not the season in itself, but the early dark evenings in this country and the reminder through red leaves and rainy days that everything has to pass. I guess the fact that it is also the most stressful time of the year at work (especially this year) and I know I have to get through a long hard winter yet again doesn´t help.

If I could live my life a little bit more like I wish, I would certainly try and escape for a month, or two, or maybe even three, at this time of the year and move somewhere where I can get just a little bit more light through those long hard winter months.

Now I know that if I want to I have the possibility to retire when I’m 62 and one month (someday I´ll let you know where that month comes from!).  And when I started to think about it this summer I realised it is do-able under certain terms. And that it is less than three years away! Which I realised means I need to get rid of some nasty habits…

I need to stop compensating myself for those hard days at work by buying myself things. Things I don´t need and just gives a moment of passing satisfaction.I love fashion and always will, but I dont need to have so much clothes. It has been a hobby, but now it’s time to get my priorities in order.

And to be honest the shopping has been a comfort-blanket too.

So what will be my goals? To retire early, write and read and travel. Maybe even move away from Stockholm and live in a smaller, friendlier city as I get older.

But I am not intending to deprive myself totally. And life will certainly throw me some curve-balls, because that is just Life, right? But for the first time in many many years I dont have responsibilities to care for others (except the cats) and I can plan for the life I, ME, Myself want. THAT is sheer luxury!

So going minimalist (although in my own way) is all about travelling down the road to freedom. Freedom to do the things I love and maybe feel more content in life. Because isn’t that the purpose of life? I dont talk about happiness, because that is so elusive – but balance and a feeling of content. And that does´t come with things, but maybe with being debt-free and able to rule over my own time.

There are so many blogs, movies and videos about minimalism and people inspiring others. I´ve looked at some, and come to the conclusion every person needs to do their own thing. Most of these minimalists are in a totally different phase than me in their lives, but I pick up an idea here or there.

Now I will write about minimalism from time to time, but it´s NOT a new religion:)

(and I just broke my own buying-ban and got myself a blue sweater!)