Two weeks into my wardrobe and a new hairdo! 

My ripped jeans have been at the office most days this week. They are extremely comfy even though I am not a huge fan of ripped clothing, however trendy it is…

I do LOVE the colour of that silk shirt I got from &Other Stories.

IT is quite funny (or interesting) how watching yourself in a photo changes your perception of what you actually look like and what kind of clothes suit you.

I have a dress that I love that I fell out of Love with due to a photo that I wont even show you….

And I realised that I need to find a way to show off my figure even if I’m not wearing vintage/retro much anymore. The very boyish style does not suit me, nor does the very Classic, I just look frumpy. Finding your own style-path can be a rocky road! And to combine a stylish wardrobe with a comfy minimalist one is starting to make this project harder than I imagined!!!

See that box? It’s been standing there for more than a year unpacked and now I will move again in the Office! Well, guess that means I will have a little less packing to do this time.

I had my hair done Thursday. I just love  this curly style:) so pleasef I decided to get my act together and spent Saturday morning experimenting with makeup!

2 thoughts on “Two weeks into my wardrobe and a new hairdo! 

  1. I LOVE your hair!!! Your hair reminds me so much of mine when I actually had a full head of hair. It’s beautiful and that cut is so flattering. I also love the torn jeans on you. It’s funny but you are so true when it comes to the way we look in certain styles! I’m not a fan of the “boho” look on me because it comes off slightly clownish–it’s not who I am. Your office looks like a nice place to work!! XOXOXO!!!

    • Thank you Catherine for those kind words! Gun has been doing my hair for 30 years now, so she knows it better than anyone. It is really hard to find someone who can handle hair that is thick, curly AND wavy…Usually the hairdressers try to tame it, which just doesn’t work. I guess I am drawn to a slightly boho-ish look, but I´m not keen on doing it full on. So experimenting will continue:)

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