Presenting first capsule wardrobe!!

So – black, white and blue shades with a few splashes of red – presenting my first capsule wardrobe AW 2017!!!!

I’m actually not following ANY rules here, it’s 35 pieces of clothing not counting outerwear and accessories. IF you saw how cramped my other wardrobe are you would  either be appalled or laugh out loud! There is nothing like a wardrobe-challenge to make you feel just a bit embarressed over how much money has been spent on clothes. 

But I’m letting that go. Clothes has been my hobby and my one indulgence (apart from travelling that I consider necessary for my mental health) so Why should I feel bad about it? 

I feel pretty content about my selection and will try and keep you updated on how I put them together. 

My wardrobe until Dec 25 includes:

  • 4 pair of jeans – 2 black, 2 blue
  • 1 black skirt
  • 9 dresses (I Love them! What can I  say?)
  • 5 Cardigans
  • 1 blazer (that bloody work conference or I would have had an extra top)
  • 9 blouses
  • 6 tops/camisoles 

It sounds a LOT but I SM already wondering if I should’ve included a heavy sweater? Well, in that case I will change one item…

Now wish me luck!!! 

6 thoughts on “Presenting first capsule wardrobe!!

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  2. Looking fabulous, hope you have all your other things held in reserve and enjoy them when you wear them again. I think a capsule idea is a bit like a diet – makes you think and re-assess things, although I am not clever enough for it to work for me 🙂

    • You bet I have my stuff stored! I have sold off one dress that I have never worn anyway because it was too tight over my hips, but otherwise I have kept everything. It is an experiment after all, so I´m not sure how it is gonna work out, or if I find out things about myself along the process that means I need to re-think.
      Have yo been to Paris yet? How was it? 🙂

      • Friend and I are going next week, I am so excited! Actually friend is habitually late so she could be a week after me with her timing 🙂

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