Re-claiming Paris

IMG_0510It has been 39 years since I last visited Paris, I was 20 at the time and like so many others I have talked to after that, I found it to be a hostile but beautiful city.

This trip, although short, has made me fall in love a little again. And i will certainly return.

But because I actually did a lot of touristy things all those years ago, I didn´t feel I had any “musts” left as soon as my visit to the Dior-exhibition was over.

I got on a hop on-hop off bus at Notre Dame and let it take me anywhere. The buses actually hade four different routes, so I could hop on-hop off between them as well.

I had a plan to get to Sacre Coeur, but while waiting for another route, I just decided to get a coffee in a café and do some people-watching instead, so the bus passed and I got back to Notre Dame.

Things like that is what I love about being on my own when traveling. I can let those moments take me without compromise, and I can do whatever I want. Even skip meals in the City of French Cuisine.


I could take a long walk along Seine and look at the artists and book-stalls, very French! I don´t know if those stall-owners actually make any money, or if it´s just a hobby (one I would love to have!) but second-hand books are not revered anywhere else in the world…Too sad I don´t read French.


I also had long coffee-breaks in small bistros and brasseries. Which made me wanna go to the ladies, or…well, I have seen men pee in my life (I´m 59 after all) but the thought of coming out of the toilet and find a man standing there – not my thingy…. Didn´t happen in reality, I´m grateful to say!


I saw this “cage” when walking, and at first thought it was for dogs. But alas, no! It was for children. Quite genius, if you ask me. No footballs in your head here.

IMG_0550My trip to Paris was over in a blink, but I will return! There is so much left to see, and re-claim and enjoy that it will probably last me the next ten years worth of holidays! But first I need to loose 4 sizes so I can actually shop!


I saw these dresses in a window and fell in love. I could only afford a pair of ear-rings though, and was happy the sizing didn´t work for little porky me… But that combination of colour, beading and clean lines will haunt my dreams!

Au revoir, Paris!

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  1. We look at Paris the same way. It’s much better to wander around and let the city take you to parts rather than being a typical tourist. Those dresses. Those dresses!!!! I’m in love. Damn woman–I miss Paris so much. I need to get back there!! Your pics are wonderful!!! XOXOXOXO

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