Where we stayed in Prague

I decided to make a special post about our hotel in Prague, UNIC. It was one of those experiences where you get a surprise in a good way and so I think they deserve a special mention. And I hope I don´t need to tell you I was not sponsored…

I booked our trip to Prague through a travel agency, which I rarely do. I prefer to book everything myself, just to be able to control things like flight-times and hotel-standard. I have to admit I enjoy doing this (I probably was a travel-agent in a former life!), but it requires that I do a lot of research and most of the time I have an idea about the place I am going to.But this time I had no clue. so I decided to try Airtours

The photos on the sight gave nothing away about the hotel choices, most of them looked equally boring, so I spent a lot of time trying to check out hotel web sites and TripAdvisor for more truthful descriptions.

Normally I would go for an old-worldly hotel with lots of character, but son loves modern ones and I was absolutely adamant about one thing – air conditioning! Son and I spent a terrible night in a hotel in May (in Sweden) without air-conditioning, and it was like sleeping in a sauna. I am aware that Eastern Europe in August can be HOT, and due to climate change (yes, I do think it exists!) summers have been even hotter in Central Europe these past few years (actually the heatwave this summer has been named Lucifer!).  So with all these things put together we ended up with a 4star hotel named UNIC, on the outskirts of Old Town, close to all the sights but with all amenities.

I have to give Airtours a lot of cred. Everything worked perfectly. Of course, they are a travel agent, not a holiday package-company, so they put together whatever you want. But never the less, it worked.

We flew SAS to Prague from Stockholm, and landed a bit early. But the driver was there to pick us up and take us to the hotel in no time. They also picked us up on the day we left and arrived exactly as they said at the hotel, I have spent a few times fretting about late drivers, so I appreciated that!


Our room was not big, but cleverly planned and modern. I just love hotel-rooms and could easily see myself living permanently in one, but I need my necessities. This one had all. Minibar, safe, a tray with water-kettle, coffee and tea, a TV with international channels (not many but enough) and good closet-space with enough hangers. And the bathroom was lovely. I especially enjoyed the beautiful sink:). I´m crazy for details like that.


But the best thing about this hotel, apart from the location on the outskirts of Old Town but close to the water, was the BREAKFAST. You can really tell a good hotel from the breakfast, and this one had it all! It was fresh, huge and always re-filled in time.

IMG_0334Yes, I am partial to an English breakfast in the morning! But in my defense, the plates were pretty small! So I´m not eating as much as you might think…


There was even a machine that sliced ham (serrano, prosciutto that kind of thing) which delighted the Italian gusts at the hotel. And you could have egg Benedict or an omelette if you preferred. As you can tell, the breakfast alone made me love this place!

Our room was very quiet, and with a heat-wave outside we were grateful for an air-conditioning every single moment of our stay.

We even tried the restaurant one evening for dinner and had a 5-course dinner for approx 60 euro (we don´t drink alcohol), and it was a high class meal.

Overall I must point out that Prague is cheap when it comes to food and eating out. And the standard is very high, if you love your food and drink Prague is the place to go. And you don´t have to settle for schnitzel and potato-salad (THE Czech national dish I was told), there is all kinds of cuisine to be found. (As for tips I always gave 10 percent and was rewarded with the biggest smiles).