Holiday in Prague

So I finally got my long vacation, but the last week leading up to it was basically torture, we had so much to do at work and because I was going away for four weeks I needed to make sure I was up to date on everything. I love my job, but not my workplace, so I need to adress that at some point. Vacation is a great time to ponder over life!

I had one week at home, and I´ll give you updates on that in a later post (and I promise I will try and update the blog more regurlarly! It is one of those things I enjoy doing, and have decided to do more) – but I wanted to tell you about the first trip I did during this summer vacation.

Prague was not a first hand choice for me to travel to. I have heard so much about how beautiful this city is, but I have always figured it as one of those places you visit as a “romantic spot” and being single that is not so interesting:) but my son had another angle. He fell in love with Prague watching a “Mission Impossible”-movie (!), so when I asked what European city he wanted to visit this summer he choose Prague. Of course we watched the movie before we went and besides dark allies and wet rain and car-chaises across beautiful bridges – I have to tell you I had not any expectations before I left!

But Prague was a great surprise, just as Lisbon earlier this year. It was such a beautiful city!

I was a bit worried that there would be a language barrier, because it´s a well-known fact that German is the most common second/third language i Eastern Europe and my German is minuscule. Yes, I did study it for four years in school, but never the less.., (the grammar, people, the grammar!!). And yes, not very many people past 50 spoke a lot of English, but it worked out any way. And people were very friendly and helpful anyway (can you tell I´m getting a bit nervous about Paris? Last time I went to Paris I got the Paris syndrome, google it!).

It´s hard not to be impressed by the buildings in the old parts of this city. The fasads are full of details, paintings, murals, plaster details and gargoyles. You have to walk around with your head up to see all the beautiful artwork around you. Just look at the photos above, wouldn´t you just love to live in a beautiful house like the yellow one? It was of course an office building for the European Commission, but you get what I mean…

We had 3 1/2 days to explore Prague and it was 35 C most of those days. Son and I are not people who enjoys heat. So we took short strolls and went back to the air-condition in the hotel in between. On the Friday the weather was down to a more tolerable 24C and we took a hop-on-hop-off-bus around town. I would definitely suggest that you do that, it gives you an over-view over the city and takes you up the steep hills to the Prague Castle. We did not get off to explore, but I will put it on my to-do-list for next time, because I will certainly go back!