So where do I begin…?


1978 I visited Paris for the first and only time in my life. So far.

I was 20, young and pretty and travelling alone. I had been to London, Malta and Greece on holidays before that, sometimes alone and sometimes with friends. I was used to travel alone but Paris was a nightmare.

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Holiday in Prague

So I finally got my long vacation, but the last week leading up to it was basically torture, we had so much to do at work and because I was going away for four weeks I needed to make sure I was up to date on everything. I love my job, but not my workplace, so I need to adress that at some point. Vacation is a great time to ponder over life!

I had one week at home, and I´ll give you updates on that in a later post (and I promise I will try and update the blog more regurlarly! It is one of those things I enjoy doing, and have decided to do more) – but I wanted to tell you about the first trip I did during this summer vacation.

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