Three things right now

These are three things on my mind right now.


2017-06-04 14.01.38

1. A broken toe

I had just started to exercise, because I definitely need to loose some weight and get fitter, and Sunday morning two weeks ago I was on my way out for a long walk when I managed to crush my pinky toe against a box. That should teach me to get rid of stuff I guess.

Anyway, it hurts! More than you can imagine for such a small body part and it also brings a lot of ridicule from people around you. The fact is however that even such a small part that gets fractured takes 6-8 weeks to heal. And you can’t do a damn thing about it. And obviously it hurts so much I couldn’t take a focused picture!

2. The ugliest sandals in universe

2017-06-04 14.07.32

Well, because of that pinky toe I had to buy a pair of shoes that did´t crush my toe any more… These are the ugliest sandals in universe, but they don´t hurt my toe and they were just 15 euros at my local supermarket. Enough said.

No, I also have to tell you that several people at work has asked me where I got the lovely sandals…not sure they are joking or nor.

3. It´s a messy world, take care out there!

A few weeks ago I wrote about the attack on Drottninggatan in Stockholm. Since then there has been other horrible attacks in Manchester, London and Kabul and the Man-whose-name-I-refuse-to-mention has decided to leave the Paris climate agreement because he doesn´t believe in climate change.

At the moment we live in a messy world, and it´s very hard not to react to all this. You can´t help but feeling frustrated and sad and a bit scared when you look around. I feel so sad for the young people who will not get the chance to live their lives because some idiot decides he has the right to take it away from them. And I crinch when I think about what future generations will say about us when they live in a polluted world that we have helped to destroy.

On a personal level I try to keep myself informed, but also take the time to just turn off information and be alone with my thoughts. In todays world we are constantly bombarded with information, some true and some false (fake news anyone?) but I think it is important to step away sometimes and switch off. It will be very hard not to panic if you don’t. And panic very rarely leads to good decisions. Surprisingly many people seem to react with passionate hatred and talk about seclusion when they feel threatened. But I still in my heart believe that the only way forward through this life and world is with as much love as you can muster for everything and everyone. It will not be easy, but who said life is easy?

2017-04-14 14.25.10

And for those of you who missed this, it brought a tear to MY eyes…

Robbie Williams in Manchester


2 thoughts on “Three things right now

  1. Ouuuuuch! Angelin! I feel your pain with that broken toe. It’s the worst but it’ll heal. Don’t even get me started on our messy world. I’m disgusted–and I’m embarrassed to be an American right now. That filthy pig in the white house is an idiot and a second Hitler. I despise him. I gotta stop….but I’m with you!!!!XOXOXOXO!!!

  2. Thank you Catherine! I really appreciate your sympathy. After ten days the pain is slowly fading, finally! As for the man in the WH I still have a small hope the democracy will take care of him. But I´m very happy he didn’t get a friend in Paris:)) There is still hope!

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