The capsule wardrobe is in place!


Now, I shouldn´t really call it a capsule wardrobe…

I followed the Start from scratch-segment on the vivienne-files and realised I have most of the things I need. Which is a good thing, because I do need to cut down on my shopping and use what I have. Of course there will still be room for something…like a couple of good t-shirts, and a red top. And a pair of walking shoes.

The other morning I was going to go for a long long walk (sweating away those kilos), and literally minutes before I was going out I managed to sprain my pinky toe. It seems every summer I manage to sprain something!! And the pinky doubled in size, so there was nothing to it but to lay on the couch and have a coffee and some fresh croissants. Just to make it better, right?

That also changed my weekend-plans, because of course I had planned to workout all weekend at the gym and with walks. So instead I pulled everything out of my closets and did the start from scratch-thingy. Well, now that my wardrobe is sorted (with a wish-list in my phone) I am going to loose some of that weight I´ve put on while being in relationships. Single and fit is my next project:). Besides working out and sweating and watching calories, I need to de-stress. Researchers have actually found that stress is a component for staying fat. Yoga has become my go-to thing for keeping calm in these disturbing times and it amazes me that I actually think it works!

When it comes to yoga I have now tried several classes, and I can honestly say I love the practice but the mumbo-jumbo goes. When the yogi starts to talk about chakras and spiritual stuff they loose me. But without the spiritual part, yoga is still pretty fantastic.

I´m not yet hooked on a certain branch (there seems to be as many yoga-types as there are yoga-teachers and most of that is gibberish too) but I do practice at home several times a week and without the breathing-exercise and the stretching and bending I´m not sure I would still be sane in this hectic, stressful job of mine. I´ve recently started to meditate for ten minutes or so as I come home, and it helps me to relax and de-stress after a long work-day.

If you´re curious there are several yoga on-line classes on the net if you want to try something out without going to classes. Give it 15 mins a day for a week before you evaluate. Myself, I put on some yoga music to clear my head, but thats optional of course, as is the candle I lit just to have something to focus on.

(As for the Buddha-statue thats only for show, I´m still totally non-religious!!!)