Die schönen blauen…

You remember my color palette?


Here it is. As I´m taking the next step towards planning my wardrobe according to the vivienne-files I´m checking out my wardrobe as it is today. I´m not going to throw anything out right away, if I like it and its in line with the scheme – it´s staying. That goes for a lot of my dresses, and even a few dresses that are outside the box. Simply, I will not have to buy any new dresses for a while!

Jeans are more of a staple in my wardrobe these days, as I rediscovered them last summer. But it´s hard finding fun and versatile tops! Here are a few right now from my wardrobe.


I took this photo a few months ago, but it´s a combination that is going to get a lot of wear this summer. The silk tunic in different blues comes from Turqoise. and feels incredibly light and soft. My jeans are inexpensive mail-orders. Right now it´s the only one I buy, I need to loose some weight!


Bad photo but another combo for summer. Right now I have two blue/white Breton-tops and this one is from Collectif. I love the jeans-belt, it´s from Desigual.

And finally, the jeans-combo that gets the most wear in my wardrobe at the moment. The top is from one of my favorite Swedish brands Jumperfabriken. And please note the nail-polish! Don´t tell me I´m not keeping up!!