Style gurus

Whenever I am trying to find inspiration for my style I google, and like everyone else I also check out pinterest. But when it comes to style for women 50+, I have to say there isn´t much out there. At least not if you are a curvy lady, like myself. The curvy girls seem to loose their confidence once they hit the big Day. I am desperately looking for a style guru.

I love the way Helen Mirren dresses, but we have neither the same body type nor coloring. I also love Judi Dench, but I´ll go down that road when I´m 70. In general I´m not keen on traditional British style, but I did learn from many, many trips to London in the 90´s to be fearless in fashion. If you like it, go for it! If you have it, flaunt it! It´s just fashion after all. So why not have fun with it? The very many alternative brands that I love buying retro styled fashion from are British.


Me in vintage styled dress 2013-14, dress by Trashy Diva, which is however an American brand based in New Orleans.

I also love the effortless chic French style that Audrey Tautou , Marion Cotillard and Ines de Fressange do so well. But I´m not skinny nor will I ever be. Nor can I always control myself and be perfect, which is somehow part of the French style.

I AM a bit teatrical, and if people look – I don´t mind. I´m expressing myself and if that bothers someone, I don´t care. I´m a grown woman and I do as I like, right?

I DO like to look good, which is why I am backing off from the more vintage-looking pieces and not doing my hair vintage style anymore (with the odd exception like a good party!). But I DO love the feminine 50´s fashion and the longer skirts, so I will continue wearing that from time to time.

I also love the boho-look with curly hair and embroidered blouses. Guess I didn´t get enough at the time! And I always envied those who went to Woodstock, while I was a  bullied 13-yearold with glasses in a rural northern town promising to go to hippie festivals when I grew up. I was also in love with John Sebastian and Peter Fonda (anyone even remember those guys?). Of course hippies were out of fashion when I finally grew up, so I became a punk rocker instead…

I DONT want to do punk-rocker or heavy-metal chic or eighties overall. Done that, been there, moving on. And no, there are no pictures.

Bild 2017-05-09 kl. 21.53

This is a photo of me in my late twenties. I was doing big curly, sexy kitten at the time. I wish I had known then what I know now about life in general and things wouldn´t have been so complicated. I was pretty but I had no self-esteem at all. That is worth a blogpost at some time…

I ALWAYS want to evolve and do new things. I may very well change style again in ten years. Most likely I will, if I´m still alive.

AND I guess I will have to be my own guru.

SO – my style journey seems to be French chic with a twist and a curve, with a little bit of bohemian romance thrown in! What do you say?