Spring is here! (well, on it´s way I think)

IMG_0182We have had a long wait here in Scandinavia for Spring to arrive, but last weekend it exploded, people threw their jackets, and I´m sure a lot of them had to take sick-leave last week…

But, as it often is over here, the cold and the snow came back for a few days, and just like in a storybook my son used to love when he was a kid, the north wind and the gentle south wind have been fighting a battle this last week and weekend. But we have signs of Spring! Just look at those adorable first Spring flowers!

Personally I spent this weekend with a new blog-friend and OMG OMG OMG…

The Viviennefiles is a closet-holic (ahem,that doesn´t seem right somehow, but you´ll get my drift) wettest dream! How to find your perfect colors and how to plan your wardrobe!!! Can it get any better??

I´ve spent hours looking at http://www.viviennefiles.com now, and it´s addictive I tell you. And I do appreciate all the hard worksheet the blogger Janice has put into this blog. Go over and check it out, but I did warn you!

So as you know I´m on a quest myself for a perfect wardrobe, not exactly a capsule or even minimalist, but one that actually works and doesn’t fill up all my closet-space…I´m tired of feeling guilty opening my closet-doors…

I´m turning 60 next year, and my plan is to try and size down a little, both body and possessions. I want to feel fit and strong when I enter a new chapter in my life. And in 3 years time I plan to retire (if nothing extremely funny turns up that also gives me a great reward).

I started this weekend with assessing what kind of wardrobe I need. I work 80 % this year, but basically full time, I am going to to take a few online-classes at University level, I am going to travel a bit and for my free time I love to go to exhibitions, the theatre, movies, reading etc. So basically I want work-clothes and comfy-clothes and a few smart dresses.

As for the dresses I will try very hard not to buy any new . I have approx 60 in my wardrobe as we speak, and that will have to do. I just started wearing jeans again, so good tops are a priority. I am not fond of buying basics, but after checking out the Viviennefiles and my wardrobe, I realize that is where I need to get my priorities right in my wardrobe. I will not buy expensive jeans until I have reached my fitness goal, but accessories and tops are on my wish list. And I want to buy quality stuff that doesn’t fall apart after three washes or loose their colour…

As for work-clothes I work in a very informal office, even though I do need some proper formal clothes to use at specific times. I also do a bit of public speaking and always try and have at least two good dresses for those occasions. The rest of the time I could probably get away with wearing my comfy-clothes, the question is if I want to?:))

I like the capsule wardrobe at the viviannefiles.com, and will try and recreate it. This will be a fun experiment, so join me!

And as a teaser for next blog-post, I´ll give you this photo:))

2017-04-14 14.57.37 HDR