A moment of reflection

On April 7 Stockholm was hit by the first terrorist-attack that killed other people than the perpetrator (first time was 2010, and that guy blew himself up). 5 people have died, among those an 11-yearold girl. 15 were injured.

We have been stricken by rage, grief and trying to understand. People have walked up and down Drottninggatan where a lunatic was driving a huge truck through the pedestrian street hoping to kill as many as possible, all trying to understand.

On a personal note I will remember the 1 1/2 hour I was locked up in the office (one street away from Drottninggatan) with my co-workers while we tried to keep safe and take stock of the situation. Thankfully we were all safe. Rumors about organized attacks around town was circulating. The subway was closed down, the trains and the buses…

Finally we went home, walking through the streets with thousands of others. Looking into our phones to see if there were more news, using Facebook to tell our friends we were safe. People took their cars to pick up strangers and drive them home (after all some lived hours away) and some opened their homes. The pizza-places hade people queuing, because when you are scared and hungry you want comfort-food.


Thankfully they arrested a person later the same night. A man who claims to be an IS-terrorist. A man who drinks and takes drugs and looses job after job because of it, who spent two weeks in prison before asking for the Koran. I could write a post on that, but I won’t.

This has been weeks filled with reflection. Big issues and big questions. People have left flowers all around Drottninggatan, hugged and cried. Now we are almost back to normal.  But I´m so proud Stockholmers decided to face terrorism with love, not hate. We are not going to let one hateful person make us hate.

The problem with democracy is the fact that it makes society vulnerable to violence and hate and lunatics. But to not live in a democracy is not an option. Together we can protect that wherever we live and whatever we do. Just hold on together.

Nano singing Hold On at the manifestation on Sergels Torg