The hair-rising news!

You know how I´ve been fighting a never-ending hair-war? Well, I´m happy to report I´m pretty pleased with my new hair-do!

It´s not vintage, or ver y long but it brings out my natural curls and waves and works with the frizz instead of against it. I think that´s the way to go…

The chin-length still gives my face some softness, and I´m not a fan of the very short hair-dos older women are supposed to have according to convention. My hair is thankfully still thick and curly and I´m gonna enjoy it.

I´m still out on the “grey matter” though. I love grey on other women, whether it´s white or true grey. It can be so beautiful. But on myself? Not sure. So I will continue to dye my hair and probably stay with black for at least another year. I´ve said for ten years now that I will re-consider haircolour when I´m 60 and thats next year. Don´t know what happened to the ten years since I was 50…

My favorite thing about the hairdo is the fact that without too much work it actually looks okay a week after I had it done!

Bild 2017-03-13 kl. 12.58 #2

And seeing this picture I realize I look more and more like my mum! Which is not an altogether good thing because she was´t exactly a storybook-kind of mum.

Another project for the year ahead is to plan for early retirement (62-63) and try to get in shape. I´m not saying loosing weight, because I´m a believer in the fact that you can be fat and fit and you can be sim and un-fit. And I´d rather be the first than the second. But the goal is of course to be slimmer but extremely fit! I realized walking up and down those hills in Lisbon that I need to shape up a bit. Let´s see if I can do it:)

These pics are to remind me of the hilly Lisbon, and the other that Spring will come-soon I hope!

5 thoughts on “The hair-rising news!

    • Congratulations! I have not heard anyone who retired early who is not happy about it:)) I have to wait a few years if I don´t want to be poor for the rest of my life, but I´m preparing!

  1. I LOVE your hair! And those pics remind me so much of the head of hair I used to have before I started losing it! I had my hair in the same cut as you. It’s almost like looking at myself when my hair was like that. Also–I am a fan of the hair dye. I don’t care what anyone says. Even if I have only three hairs on my head, they are getting dyed.
    I like what you said about getting back in shape too. You have the right idea!!

    • Thank you Catherine! I´m pretty pleased even after a week, since it´s manageable. I had a dream of the same curly head slightly longer, but unfortunately the texture of the hair ages with the head its on obviously:) I´ve noticed already that my hair is slightly softer than before. My mom kept her thick hair all her life, so I´m hoping. But female hair-loss is another of those things nobody ever speaks about, so you have an important mission!

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