Balancing things out

At this moment in my life I´m trying to find a balance between work and free time, being a mom and letting go and getting to grips with being single and on my own for the first time in sooooo many years.

Photo 2014-04-14 08 54 19

This is an old photo but this vintage coat is still going strong, and it works great with my new slightly classical theme 

Son is 21 so I haven´t been on my own since he was born, and before that I lived with his father for another four years and before that…well, I have actually been a single mom for 16 years, but I have always had a boyfriend (more or less), so this is a new and strange situation to me.

Do I like it?

Actually YES!

I have not even considered checking out the dating sites, and when I´ve accompanied friends out I find myself strangely remote and not even slightly interested.

At this moment in time (and ofc it may change tomorrow) I enjoy being on my own and doing whatever I like to do. And my plans are plenty. Traveling, writing, reading, learning new skills, loosing a bit of weight, staying healthy and maybe even exercising.

Because of my new life and approach to life I find that it gets reflected in my wardrobe. Suddenly I find myself gravitating towards simplicity, comfort and even (gasp) minimalism…

Trousers! Who would have thought???

I just bought three pairs of cheap but excellent trousers from Kapp-Ahl in black, navy and grey and they will form the base of my new work-wardrobe. I still plan for some feminine dresses, but I will style them differently. Right now I check my wardrobes constantly and try to figure out if there is a piece that will stay or go. A process I tell you!

I love color, so the black, navy and grey will be accompanied by different blues, reds and maybe some purples. I don´t feel comfy in greens and I´m a cool winter so the earthy tones are a no-no. I also have to slap myself all the time when I gravitate towards lean, shifty dresses or pieces of clothing with high necks. Nice yes, but not for me! I will always be a curvy girl, no matter what weight I am, and so I have to dress to flatter that. Staying on track with my style and what actually suits me is proving really hard this season!

There will have to be some traveling clothes as well, I´m searching for a good all-round jacket…

I actually have one I bought 8 years ago at HM with a removable lining, a hood and some protection against rain (not the jungle variety though) but that jacket is slowly giving up and so I need a new. Not easy to find I tell you! I have found tents and I have found really slim-fitting ones that look great on the marathon-running Himalaya-climbers that they were supposedly meant for, but not a short, well-rounded lady who wants something practical for walking the trails in Cornwall (which by the way is one of my plans for next year!).  Any ideas where I should start looking?