Ronneby Brunn revisited

I sometimes travel for work, most of the time in Sweden. I have never taken photos before when doing this as it just does not seem like blog-material to me. But realizing that most people who read my blog are not Swedish, I think you may enjoy some pics from around the country? If not, let me know and I will stop!!!

I held a conference at Ronneby Brunn at the beginning of this week. The attendees were 90, mostly male, industry workers and I think we had a really nice time together. They were totally into my lame jokes and even took up a few spontaneous applause, that truly cheered me on.


Ronneby Brunn is a hotel, and from a very posh one to a rather aged one (not in a good way) it is now slowly trying to get back a good reputation. I stayed here for a few days with an old boyfriend maybe 10 years ago and that was when the carpets were still old and dirty and the rooms had a slightly musky smell…Now the carpets are a lot cleaner and the lounge-are was even trendy modern.

But the best reason to go to Ronneby Brunn is the parkarea surrounding the hotel. It´s owned by the community and very well-kept. It is more woodland than traditional park but has small design- gardens hidden among the trees. There are also a few lakes and very walking-friendly paths.


I took an hour-long walk in the pretty sunshine to enjoy it, and it was just lovely. It was probably the last day of summer, and there were still blossoming flowerbeds.



My absolute favorite was the japanese garden which was hidden in the midst of the wood. In my opinion the perfect spot for a little yoga-time.


I love having theses classes when they work out the way they are supposed to, with interested people, good questions and a laugh now and again. After those times I feel invigorated and my job feels inspired. Just the same way a bad class-performance leaves me totally drained and sad. Ronneby was a good one and so I started my week in a good mood and with happy thoughts. Hope you have a good week as well!